FunRetro is now EasyRetro

We have some big news to announce today!

FunRetro is now EasyRetro

We have been working for the last few weeks to create a new identity for our website and app. This new identity aligns better with our values of simplicity, easy to use, and effortless retrospectives.

Together with this new identity, we are redesigning our whole website and app to make it modern and give it a fresh look, you will love it! The new app will be live in the coming weeks, but some parts are already implemented and live now.

Our vision

We are commited to keep improving EasyRetro and make it better for all kinds of teams, from small to big companies. We also understand people use EasyRetro for many kinds of activities besides retrospectives.

We will keep adding more features to make it more flexible so you can brainstorm, reflect, and make better decisions with your team and colleagues.


We value your feedback so if you have any comment please send us a message at Contact Us to keep the conversation going.

Thanks for the support all these years, EasyRetro Team

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