Free template for working from home bingo

Mid-sprint lulls are always a tough thing to push through. Now the majority of us are working from home, it’s even tougher.

While you may enjoy the comfort of your own home, you can’t deny that having colleagues around you makes the days easier, especially when things get tough! So, why not try and get that same feeling of camaraderie back with some online meeting bingo?

There are few activities that bring people together in the same way bingo does. For decades it has brought people together and remains one of the most popular games in the world. The great thing about the game is how versatile it is— you can adapt it to fit nearly any situation! That’s why it’s perfect to add some fun to your video calls.

Team building is tough in these times, especially when the usual methods are impractical or closed for the foreseeable future. That doesn’t mean we can’t keep work fun via video calls!

Remote work bingo is a great way of getting your team engaged without turning into a distraction. It’s also an easy way to get new team members into the mix even while you’re not in the office.

Not enough teams take part in WFH bingo, perhaps because the most time-consuming part is creating the workplace bingo board itself. Luckily for you though, we’ve taken care of that already!

Step 1: Download the template

The first step to getting ready for online workplace bingo is simple! Download your template bingo cards here!

Click to download

Example of WFH Bingo card

Step 2: Give all players their own bingo card

Hand out different bingo cards to everyone, either send them via email or direct message. It’s best if everyone can print out their card but if that’s not possible, they can use a PDF editor or the image editor on their mobile device to blank out squares.

Step 3: Decide how long you’re going to play for

There’s a very small chance you might fill a card on a single call, but it’s more likely to take several calls. Try spacing the game out over a couple of days or even a week to give everyone a fair chance.

Step 4: Let’s play!

While the game is going on, players will listen out on all team calls for the phrases on their card and silently cross them off the board as they come up.

The first player to get a line (all phrases along a row on their card) and the first player to get “BINGO!” (all phrases on their card) are the winners!

Step 5: Prizes!

No game is complete without prizes and even when working remotely, bingo should be no different!

Prizes can be absolutely anything, digital gift cards, a box of chocolates, an early finish on a Friday, it really doesn’t matter. The main thing is to bring some life to the occasionally difficult work from home situation and get the team engaged again.

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