100+ Best Scrum Team Names

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The world of Scrum is a little boring sometimes. While breaking projects up into sprints helps make the work seem more manageable, it can feel like you’re stuck in a time loop performing the same functions over and over again. That’s why it’s important to add a little bit of fun into the workday wherever we can.

Simply giving your scrum team a cool, fun name can help to boost morale and create a real sense of community. Even the meeting to decide on a team name can help your teams grow and connect.

Today, we’re looking at what makes a great scrum team name, some of the best scrum team names, and what to do if you’re looking for a unique agile team name.

Key components of good scrum team names

The A-Team. The Red Team. The Team of Extraordinary Developers. It’s all been done before. Agile team names need to be something special, something unique, something that unites the entire team, not just a generic joke name.

Let’s look at factors that make up the best scrum team names.


This is an agile world we’re working in. We’re supposed to break things down and throw out the fluff, so why would we choose a long, bloated team name?

Keep the name short and snappy. That way it can be…


There’s little point in coming up with a team name if no one will remember it! A great agile team name should stick in everyone’s head.

Having a memorable team name helps improve morale by making it easier to recognize good work. The higher-ups may not know your individual names, but give them a great piece of work finished by a team with a great name, and they’ll remember you!

Easy to pronounce

Acronyms are nice, but they become impossible to say at a certain point, and pretty soon, you’ll stop using them altogether. The same goes for complicated words and combinations of letters. We’re not trying to make a secure password, so put down the hexadecimal chart and stick to simple English, so everyone can easily get their tongue around your team name, even if they’re not native speakers.


As we mentioned earlier, generic agile team names are out. If you think of some funny scrum team names within seconds, there’s a large chance it’s been done before. This becomes an even bigger problem when your organization has multiple teams that could all come up with the same idea.

All of the best agile team names are something unique to that particular team, and they do that by creating scum team names that are…


The best scrum team names are the ones that have a meaning to the entire team. It’s a banner to fly above the team that unites them.

Finding a meaningful team name for every team member may take a little time. However, the time spent is well worth it when you consider the positives.

By working together to find a great name, team members build real connections and get to know each other on a deeper level. This helps boost collaboration, instills a larger sense of pride in the team’s work, and makes the workplace enjoyable.

A rundown of 120 of the best scrum team names

Let’s take a look at some great examples of scrum and agile team names to help inspire you.

Funny scrum team names

  1. Bit By Bit
  2. Design Divas
  3. Easy Scrum Easy Go
  4. Epic Engineers
  5. Feature Freaks
  6. Ideation Station
  7. KPI Kings
  8. Masters of Scrum
  9. RAD Rebels
  10. Retro Rangers
  11. Scrum At Me Bro
  12. Scrum and Coke
  13. Surprisingly Smart
  14. Tabs vs. Spaces
  15. The Best Team
  16. The Caffeine Addicts
  17. The MVPs
  18. The Standup Squad
  19. Workday Warriors
  20. Value Validators

One word Agile team names

  1. Advocates
  2. Avengers
  3. Collective
  4. Dominators
  5. Elites
  6. Epics
  7. Everest
  8. Innovators
  9. Optimizers
  10. SCRUMPtious
  11. Scrumbelievable
  12. Sprinters
  13. Streamliners
  14. Strategists
  15. Taskmasters
  16. Trailblazers
  17. Titans
  18. Unstoppables
  19. Vindicators
  20. Visionaries

TV team names

  1. Arrested DEVolpment
  2. Breaking Devs
  3. Beta Call Saul
  4. Dragon Bug Z
  5. Dev Lasso
  6. Friday Night Sprints
  7. It’s Always Scrummy in Philidelphia
  8. Only Fools and Agile
  9. Parks and Retrospectives
  10. Peaky Coders
  11. Pride and Prioritization
  12. Scrumfeld
  13. Scrumdercats
  14. Two and a Half Sprints
  15. The Agile Zone
  16. The Big Scrum Theory
  17. The Brainy Bunch
  18. The Dev-Files
  19. The Scrum Place
  20. The Scrumpranos

Film scrum names

  1. Avengers: Age of Agile
  2. Backlog to the Future
  3. Devs of the Lost Ark
  4. Dr. Sprint
  5. Forrest Scrump
  6. Good Will Scrumming
  7. Inglorious Developers
  8. Lords of the Scrum
  9. Paths of Glory
  10. Pulp Features
  11. Reservoir Devs
  12. Scrum Like It Hot
  13. Scrumbledore’s Army
  14. Scrum and Scrummer
  15. Scrumdog Millionaires
  16. Sprint Club
  17. Sprinterstellar
  18. Sprint Fast Sprint Furious
  19. The Usual Suspects
  20. Top Scrum

Music scrum team names

  1. Black Hole Scrum
  2. Burndown For What?
  3. Coding in the Deep
  4. Dev Side of the Moon
  5. Fortunate Scrum
  6. Good Vibrations
  7. House of the Rising Scrum
  8. Scrum as You Are
  9. Scrum on Eileen
  10. Scrumwhere Over the Rainbow
  11. Smells Like Team Spirit
  12. Smooth Criminals
  13. Sprint Child o’ Mine
  14. Sprint from a Rose
  15. To Code a Butterfly
  16. Tiny Dancers
  17. Walking on Scrumshine
  18. When Devs Cry
  19. Whole Lotta Scrum
  20. 99 Problems

Punny scrum team names

  1. Air Conditionals
  2. Bug Squashers
  3. Byte Me
  4. cOverlords
  5. Federal Beaurau of Sprintvestigation
  6. Federal Beaurau of Iteration
  7. Fragile Management
  8. Gantt Touch This
  9. Gin Scrummy
  10. Go Scrum Yourself
  11. HTMLelephants
  12. Pace Makers
  13. Runtime Terrors
  14. Scrum of the Earth
  15. Scrummin’ It
  16. Scrummy Bears
  17. Sprint Chocolate Chip
  18. Two Scrums Up
  19. Victorious Secret
  20. UXpect Us To Do That?

Still unsure of what to call your team?

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