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Discover your scrum team name with this simple and fun generator

So here you are again. It’s time to kick your scrum team into top gear for a new project... but you’re still trying to think of a cool name to appoint to the group.

We all know how strangely difficult it is to come up with a great team name. And, of course, the longer you spend discussing ideas, the less time you’re out there concentrating on your project.

Not such an agile way of working!

So you choose to keep it simple, right? Agile Team A, B, C, and so on. But where’s the fun in that? Giving your team a more interesting name is the first step towards building morale. So let’s give you a helping hand with this handy scrum team name generator.

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Why you shouldn’t settle boring agile team names

Picture the scene. It’s week one of a new project, everyone’s either still getting to know each other or getting to know their roles, and workflow is a little lower than you would expect. As project leader, or scrum master, it’s your responsibility to speed up the process and get stuff done!

First thing’s first, you need a team name.

You may not have given team names much thought for work. And small details like these can seem a little unimportant in the grand scheme of things. But a name plays a far bigger role in team morale than you expect.

Imagine walking into the office on day one of a new project and joining up with “Product Development Team Alpha”. Hardly inspiring, is it? And uninspired teams lead to uninspired results.

Instead, imagine walking into a new team with a name that catches your imagination and immediately makes you feel proud to be a part of it. Now that’s when the magic starts to happen!

What makes an agile team name great?

So now we know why an inspiring team name is important. But how do you actually come up with one? And how to separate a great idea from a not-so-great one?

It’s worth noting that great team names aren’t just about using the coolest or funniest words you can think of. They’re related to, and rooted within, the team itself. A great team name incorporates something of your team’s personality and skills — as well as taking the project into consideration. For example, if your team’s collective favorite meal is pizza and you’re based in Ohio, you could name your team the “Hocking Hills Slicers” or something similar to that degree.

Use the questions you’re about to see as a team building opportunity and get to know the new squad in a way you may not have previously. Not only will you come away with a brilliant team name, but you’ll gain respect from the team by showing them they are being recognized for they are — rather than just what they bring to the project.

Incorporating their individuality into the project is a huge morale boost, especially if they know their project leader is paying attention.

So… what now? EasyRetro’s got your back

You have your team members, you have your awesome team name, and everything is ready to go. So how do you keep the momentum up?

First up, we’d suggest having a bit of fun with some agile team meeting ice breakers. Not only do these light-hearted, open-ended questions help your team members get to know each other better, they also get the creative juices flowing.

Next, we’d recommend sprint retrospective meetings, courtesy of the team here at EasyRetro. Throw away the boring old meetings formats! Instead, try something geared towards improving your final product — and actively engaging with your team members, too.

What’s a sprint retrospective? It’s simple. These meetings help you regroup at the end of your sprint sessions. Catch up with team mates, discuss what you did well (and what you could do better next time) — rounding things up with clear action items moving forward.

Sprint retrospective sessions also play a huge role in keeping teams motivated while remote working. Hands up if you actually enjoy having the same Zoom meeting over and over again? No, we didn’t think so. So offering up an innovative and engaging way of identifying issues and improving upon them is vital in this modern age.

Check out the rest of the EasyRetro website, for other hands-on agile working templates and techniques, including the 5 steps required for setting a retrospective meeting agenda and a full package of agile group activities, including the Rose, Bud, Thorn exercise and Mad, Sad, Glad.

Create a free retrospective for your team

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