25+ Funniest Remote Work Memes

It’s unclear how long COVID-19 will be an external factor for people to continue to work remotely. Whether it’s a few more weeks or a few more months, one thing is for certain: remote work is on the rise and will continue to grow.

Since remote work is a reality, Companies will need to find new ways to keep remote employees engaged. Creating a happy workplace is a great way to help boost productivity and ensure the well-being of employees. So why not include some humor in your work environment?

25+ Funniest Remote Work Memes

Humor plays a critical role in organizational communication, assisting in the socialization of new workers, developing a sense of belonging, providing a means to exert power, and relieving tension. Workplace humor produces numerous benefits such as enhanced work performance and general wellbeing, decreased stress, and improved group cohesion.

We looked on the internet and collected 25+ funny remote work memes you can share with your co-workers. These memes will help you bring some humor to your next online meeting.

Here are the 25+ funny remote work memes we found.

Remote work Memes - When you take a call outside of your 9-5 hours

Remote work Memes - Where is your company based? Me:

Remote work Memes - Waiting for your coworkers' zoom audio to kick in

Remote work Memes - When your entire house is working from home so now it's just an open concept office

Remote work Memes - Me getting ready for a long day of video hangouts

Remote work Memes - Fisrt day of working from home vs. 1 week in

Remote work Memes - Me apologizing for eating all the emergency snacks in 2 days when they were supposed to last us 3 weeks

Remote work Memes - When someone on the call says "how's everyone doing" but there's 9 and you don't know who's going to break the awkward silence first

Remote work Memes - Fine. I'll allow you to work from home today. But this is not a vacation. I understand. Thank you.

Remote work Memes - They want to make it a Skype call Now I have to get dressed

Remote work Memes - When you're working from home And your boss messages you about doing Skype meeting

Remote work Memes - Me getting out of bed at 8:55 to start working at 9

Remote work Memes - My boss congratulating me for the one email I sent today

Remote work Memes - Let's play "Hostage" While mom finishes up this work call

Remote work Memes - Tell me I'm on mute One more time...

Remote work Memes - When they cancel the zoom call right after you shower and get dressed

Remote work Memes - Me waking up 30 seconds before my zoom meeting every morning

Remote work Memes - Man dresses up in costumes to embarrass wife on zoom calls

Remote work Memes - Me: Trying not to judge my coworkers messy house on every zoom meeting

Remote work Memes - My kids as soon as I start my zoom call

Remote work Memes - Boss asking me status of work from home Me at 11 am trying to remember who is he

Remote work Memes - Somedays I just want to reply emails with "ok" and this picture

Remote work Memes - "On Zoom meeting" Boss: We can't hear you I think your mic might be off. Me:

Remote work Memes - When the conference call is almost over and your coworker asks a stupid question

Remote work Memes - Them: maybe a little lavender would help reduce your stress. Me:

Remote work Memes - Me right now. What day is it? A. Monday B. Tuesday C. 1982 D. Saturday

Remote work Memes - Me at 9 AM on Monday By 9:15 AM

Remote work Memes - Virtual backgrounds on Zoom? We need virtual outfits

Remote work Memes - When you're working from home and find out your boss treated everyone to lunch

Remote work Memes - When its cold outside and you're not working from home today

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