25+ Funniest Agile Memes

Humor creates an atmosphere of levity and a sense of perspective that can dissolve tension and, in turn, protect us from stress at work and even benefit our health. Research suggests that people who engage in more conversational humor with colleagues feel happier and have higher job satisfaction.

25+ Funniest Agile Memes

With that being said, why not incorporate some humor in your day-to-day work using memes. People on the internet are obsessed with memes; you probably are too. They’re funny, witty, and most of all – they’re relatable.

We looked on the internet and collected 25+ Agile Memes you can use with your team during a Sprint. For example, after running a sprint session, you can ask team members to summarize how the Sprint went by sharing a meme.

Note: The meme doesn’t have to be agile-related. It can be a meme that they love and reflect their feelings about the Sprint.

Here are the 25+ Funny Agile Memes we found. Plus, we added some captions to make them even funnier.

When you've been coaching for 6 month... And the team finally start listening to you

Mordor ain’t got nothing! ☄️

Whe the demo doesn't work... Even when you tested it multiple times before the showcase

We’ve all been there! 😱

Finishing off a successful sprint... with an awesome retro

On to the next one! 💪🏼✅

To all awesome scrum master out there... we salute you

Send this to an AWESOME Scrum Master! 🥂

Trying to survive... A disastrous sprint

Did anyone get the mid-sprint feels? 💥🔥

How coaches feel... When the squad run their ceremonies without them

I’m so proud of you all! 😭

How it feels... Working in a distributed team

Hello? Is there anyone out there? 👀

When you haven't moved a story to "done" in days

Who am I anymore! 😅

Trying to read a user story someone else wrote

Can someone help me here? 🔬

Tell me why agile hasn't worked for you before... Ahh because you weren't doing agile at all

You can’t blame agile if it wasn’t agile! 🤪

An agilist's dream workspace

Imagine if you open the window and it’s a bit windy! 🌬🙃

When someone who hasn't done agile before... Tells you they could do it easily

Here we go! 😂🤣

Coaches thinking about... new retro formats

The struggle is real folks! 🧐🔍

Start of sprint... end of sprint

Some sprints are tougher than others! 💀

When a team member moves a story to done... But everyone know it isn't

Nice try! 😉

When you finally check in your code at the end of a sprint

I wonder if anyone will notice…. 😬🔥

When you overhead someone talking about agile... but they've got it all wrong

So many times Lol! 😂

What if I told you... agile is actually a mindset

So it’s not just about daily scrums and sprint reviews?? 🤯

The feeling when... attending a proper sprint review

All the feels! 🤗

Agile coach -> Counsellor, mediator, mentor, teacher, coach

What else would you add? ☕

So you're telling me... You're the scrum master and the product owner?

Say it ain’t so! 😕

This was the worst spring of my life... This is the worst sprint of your life so far

We’ve all been there! 😄

"Tiny" last minute changes from customers...

We are so agile! We can change anything, anytime (told the CEO). 🦸

When they say they're an expert in agile... after reading only one blog post

Everyone has a colleague who is an “agile expert“! 😉

Sprint goal met... now where's my treat?

Who else wants a treat? 😹

"Agile" you keep using that word... I do not think it means what you thinkg it means

Do you know what I mean?? 😁

Be scrum master they say... it's easy and rewarding they say

Did you hear that? 👂👂

Agile? Don't I look agile to you?

Could you answer my questions please? 😺

Waterfall, Agile, Captain America Civil War post

The war is coming! ⚔️

So I told them we were busy having a retro... At the pub!

I want to join this Retro ASAP! 🤣

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