Who Ensures Everyone on the Scrum Team Does Their Tasks for the Sprint?

With 81% of agile adopters using some form of a scrum methodology, it’s an incredibly popular project management approach. Scrum is a valuable tech skill to learn. When properly executed, scrum methodology can help projects operate a lot more efficiently. To get this right, you’ll need to have a carefully planned scrum team.

Although scrum teams are typically small in size, a common question is, who ensures that everyone on the scrum team does their tasks for the sprint?

In this quick guide, we’ll cover the various roles and responsibilities involved in scrum teams. This will help you understand whose job it is to keep the team on track.

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What are the Roles in the Scrum Team?

Scrum teams comprise three different roles: a scrum master, a product owner, and the development team.

In any scrum team, there is only ever one scrum master and one product owner. However, there can be multiple members of the development team.

Let’s break down some of the roles and responsibilities of these different team members:

  • Scrum master: The scrum master makes sure the scrum team follows the scrum values and operates efficiently. Scrum masters manage any obstacles for the team. They lead sprint planning meetings, facilitate daily standups, and keep track of the different team members during a project.
  • Product owner: The product owner ensures the scrum team meets all the product goals and external stakeholder expectations. They work closely with product managers and set the overall product vision for the scrum team. Product owners oversee the product backlog and ensure the team achieves the correct product requirements.
  • Development team: The development team does all the work to achieve the sprint goals. These teams may consist of designers, computer engineers, data analysts, and more. Typical development team responsibilities include programming, designing, and improving products, and helping to set goals and plan the sprint.

Who Should Make Sure Everyone on the Scrum Team Does Their Tasks for the Sprint?

The scrum master is responsible for ensuring that everyone in the team operates effectively and does the right sprint tasks. They plan the meetings, keep the team on the right track, and check that all operations run smoothly.

While the product owner is focused on aligning the team with the product goals, the scrum master is in charge of making sure the team takes the proper steps and actions to achieve those goals.

The development team also takes responsibility for achieving their sprint tasks. As they do the hands-on work, they don’t only wait for orders. Usually, they also collaborate during goal mapping and planning for the sprints.

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Final Thoughts

To make sure scrum teams operate smoothly, it’s essential to clearly define each member’s roles and responsibilities. This project management methodology is relatively straightforward, and it’s an excellent approach to use for small teams.

The scrum master facilitates the scrum team, so it’s their job to ensure everyone on the team does their tasks for the sprint. It’s essential that all three roles within the team work closely together for efficient project management.

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