Winter Retrospective Retrospective

What is this activity?

When running a scrum retrospective, it can be helpful to give the team an additional focus. This template is based on winter, and can be used to help guide a discussion and brainstorming session.

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Winter Retrospective Template

🧊 Ice breaker

If you had to delete all but 3 apps from your smartphone, which ones would you keep?

🍷 Who should we raise our glasses of mulled wine to?


☃️ What have we forgotten outside before the snow storm?

What went wrong? What can we improve?

❄️ Where do we have to be careful not to slip?

What risks do you foresee?

🔥 What warms us up again?

What did you appreciate?

🏂 What can we hardly wait for?

What are we looking forward to?

How to conduct this activity

Start by asking each person to think of something they appreciate about winter. This could be a favorite winter activity, a feeling of being cozy on a cold day, or something else. Then, ask each person to think of ways that their team or project can learn from winter. This could be things like gaining insight from the quiet times, finding ways to use the time for reflection, or learning from the times of darkness. Finally, ask the team to think of a specific action they can take to apply what they have learned from winter to their team or project. This could be something like creating a new process or habit, adjusting an existing process, or taking the time to make a plan. The goal of this template is to use winter as a source of inspiration, allowing the team to reflect on their work and brainstorm new ideas.

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