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What is this activity?

A Project Retrospective meeting serves the purpose of reviewing a completed project and learning from both successes and shortcomings to improve future projects. By dedicating time to this process, you and your team can innovate and establish a better approach for moving forward. To help facilitate this important meeting, we have created a Project Retrospective Meeting template that provides a structure and content for the discussion. This template can assist you in establishing real changes for continuous improvement, which can motivate you and your team to strive for better results in the future. There's no limit on the size of the group that can participate in this exercise. We consider this exercise level easy to execute. And you'll need a virtual board tool like EasyRetro to run the session.

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Project Retrospective Template Template

☑️ What worked?

☑️ What needs improvements?

☑️ Actions

How to conduct this activity

With the Project Retrospective Template, you and your team can reflect on: ☑️ What worked: Before providing constructive feedback, it is crucial to celebrate the successes of the project. The hard work and time invested in the project should be acknowledged, and thanks should be given to all who contributed to its execution. Take the time to recognize those who played a critical role in the success of the project and celebrate their contributions. ☑️ What needs improvements: In this section, discuss any challenges that were beyond the control of the project team and impacted the project negatively. Take note of the major challenges you and your team faced. Next, address any project shortcomings resulting from poorly executed tasks or decisions. Be sensitive to your team members, and discuss where improvements can be made for the next project. Encourage collaboration and ensure that everyone is treated with respect and sensitivity, without singling out any individual. ☑️ Actions: To achieve real change, action items must be specific, feasible, and clear. Putting your team's learnings into action is essential for team growth and improvement in future projects. Ensure you have a plan to execute these action items, and facilitate an open discussion in the final section of your retrospective meeting. Provide your team with the necessary tools and resources to successfully execute the action items. The ultimate measure of your meeting's success will be seeing the changes in future projects. Note: This Template was inspired by "Project Retrospective Meeting " Created by

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