Relentless Improvement Retrospective

What is this activity?

After doing the Quantitative review, we move towards Qualitative review for which we will use this template, Please group together to identify what is their biggest pain. After that they will try to find if they can solve it or it is outside the team. If its outside the team, lets move to next improvement item. Timebox: 30 to 60 minutes Purpose: Pick one or two items that can be done better for next Iteration Outcome: Enter improvement items into the Team Backlog

Recommended participants: No limit

Duration: 30 minutes

Template created by: Amatus Saboor Husain - Template has been used 79 times

Relentless Improvement Template

Thank you / Kudos

Appreciate the help of other you got during sprint

I am happy with

List the practices that you want to continue

I am not happy with

Practices that we should discontinue, be open, be fair, be transparent. Group similar items if needed

To improve

Identify what to improve, brainstorm solution and add that to action item column

Action Items

Team owns action item and just one member. Create a backlog improvement item and take it next planning session.

How to conduct this activity

Group with free mind, its not a blame game, dont take things personally. Move from left to right. Use voting wherever needed.

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