Which statement accurately reflects the role of the product owner during the daily scrum?

    Choose one or more of the following:

  • The Product Owner outlines the additional changes that must be absorbed by the Team in the Sprint.
  • The Product Owner ensures the Burn down rate is maintained at the estimated rate.
  • The Product Owner’s participation is defined by the team.
  • The Product Owner provides instruction to the Team on how to implement a workable solution.

Why this is the correct answer

In the Scrum framework, the Daily Scrum is a key event where the Development Team plans their work for the next 24 hours. The Product Owner is one of the three roles in Scrum, along with the Scrum Master and the Development Team. The Product Owner is responsible for maximizing the value of the product and the work of the Development Team.

In the Daily Scrum, the Development Team is primarily responsible for the discussion and planning of the work. However, the Product Owner may participate in the Daily Scrum, but their level of participation is not mandated by the Scrum framework. Instead, the Scrum framework states that the Product Owner’s participation in the Daily Scrum is defined by the team.

This means that the Product Owner has the freedom to choose whether or not to attend the Daily Scrum, and to what extent they participate. The Product Owner may choose to attend and simply listen to the Development Team's updates or provide input on the prioritization of the backlog items or any other concerns. Alternatively, the Product Owner may choose to attend the Daily Scrum as a silent observer, or not attend at all.

The Product Owner’s role during the Daily Scrum is therefore determined by the Development Team's needs and preferences. This flexible approach ensures that the Daily Scrum is primarily focused on the Development Team's collaboration and planning, while allowing the Product Owner to participate in a way that is most helpful to the team.

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