The following are distinguishing characteristics of retrospectives methodology except:

    Choose the one(s) that don't match:

  • It establishes in-process learning gates during the project life cycle.
  • Reviews cannot be linked to percent complete.
  • It uses an independent facilitator.
  • An owner, typically a team member, is assigned.
  • A repository is developed that is easy to use.

Why this is the correct answer

Retrospectives are an essential part of Agile methodology and are used by teams to reflect on their process and identify areas for improvement. The distinguishing characteristics of retrospectives include establishing in-process learning gates, using an independent facilitator, assigning an owner, and developing a repository for easy access to past learnings.

However, the statement "Reviews cannot be linked to percent complete" does not apply to retrospectives methodology. In fact, retrospectives are designed to evaluate progress towards project goals and objectives. They are an opportunity for teams to reflect on their progress and identify areas where they can improve to meet their objectives more effectively. Thus, linking retrospective reviews to percent complete is important to track progress and make data-driven decisions.

In summary, linking retrospective reviews to percent complete is not a characteristic that distinguishes retrospective methodology, but rather an essential aspect to track progress and improve the team's effectiveness.

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