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When you sit down with your team to plan your next sprint, reviewing the project roadmap and discussing next steps, you notice something. The sprint doesn't has a name or it is just so… boring! What can you do?

Why should you name your agile sprints?

During the planning stage of a sprint, defining a name can seem an unimportant effort. But a name can play a bigger role in team morale than you expect.

If your sprint names are boring, uninspiring, and generally lacking any kind of motivation, you're in risk of losing your employees engagement, which is crucial to the success of any project, especially in such an innovative environment like agile.

On the other hand, good sprint names are a great way to get your team involved in the process and excited to get the work done. It could be even more effective if you ask your team to help you come up with a fun, creative name for each sprint.

How to come up with a good sprint names

Sprints can be named in a variety of ways. It's fun to think of puns and play on words, but sometimes it can be hard to think of a name that is both fun and also meaningful to the team. You will want the sprint name to say something about the context or goals of the sprint.

Creating a catchy name for your sprints, e.g. the “Wise Gamification” or “Distinguished Microservices” could be a good way to go, but you should also be wary of using too many unrelated keywords, buzzwords or terms that could make the name less meaningful. The best choice to create such names is to use an agile sprint name generator like this, brought to you by the EasyRetro team! You can click on one of the buttons based on the sprint context and generate some great names!

Sometimes, using a random sprint name generator could also be a good option, since funny names with pop trends are an interesting way to maintain a relaxed atmosphere around the task at hand.

At last, sprint names are a great way to incorporate team personality and build an identity, just like having great team names (take a look at our Team Name Generator if you don't have one yet).

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