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Create a board to help you manage your meeting

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Make the most of your meeting with this free meeting agenda tool

Meetings play a key role in team collaboration. They make it possible to ensure that everyone is on the same page about projects and the business as a whole, to get everyone's creativity to solve business problems or taking the best decision on important matters.

Besides being a great tool, meetings may also harm your team's morale or productivity, if you do not use them correctly.

One of the best approaches to prevent such meetings is to build a meeting agenda!

Why you should always have a meeting agenda?

An agenda is a schedule of events for a meeting. Having a good agenda is an essential part of a meeting plan as it can help you achieve your meeting objectives.

When planning your agendas, you need to decide what topics will need to be covered during the meeting and the order in which it will occur. You can also decide on the desired outcomes and the information you need to elicit from participants during the meeting.

Also, your plan should include a specific duration for each of the events. That strategy will help you to cover your entire agenda before the meeting time goes out. Take a look at our free countdown timer tool, it will be very useful during your meeting!

The meeting agenda it's an important section of the Meeting Minutes, so another benefit of having an agenda, is that your minutes document will be easier to write!

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Create a board to help you manage your meeting

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