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Make sure your meeting runs efficiently with this free timer tool

Your team is starting/completing a big project; there are some big decisions to be made, or team engagement is not very high. Sounds like a good moment to host a meeting, right?

Meetings are a great tool to handle such situations, enhancing teamwork, and generating new ideas. But it's also true that productive and on-time meetings are nearly impossible to hold. They tend to run long, be rife with distractions and can take a toll on productivity and the bottom line.

This kind of unproductive meetings are the norm for many businesses, but this doesn't need to be your case, meetings are awesome when they are structured and thoughtfully planned. So we're here to help you run effective and fun meetings with your team!

Why you should keep your meetings on track?

First of all, everyone has their schedule, so when they need to attend a meeting, of course, they expect that it starts and ends on time. Extending the meeting - because of long debates on unimportant matters, off-topic discussions, or any sort of distractions - can lead to a bad perception of the business management by the attendees, letting them think that their time was wasted.

Also, when the attendees know that the meetings lack in time, hardly anyone will come up with relevant and creative ideas, as these would demand even more discussions and take even more time.

If this happens often, the team morale will also be affected, lowering productivity and preventing the business to reach its goals.

How to use a meeting timer app to run effective meetings

There are several ways to run high-quality meetings. But one thing you will find as common sense is: planning it's all. Here are some pieces of advice to help you plan a successful meeting:

  • You should always make sure that every meeting has only the necessary attendees, so it will be more focused.
  • Building and following a meeting agenda will ensure that every necessary topic will be listed. That way you can easily keep track of the meeting, preventing off-topic discussions.
  • It's important to allocate the right amount of time for your meeting, according to the agenda. If everyone scheduled 30 minutes for a meeting, none of them will be happy if it lasts for one hour!
  • Define a time span for each topic of the agenda. It will both help you to plan the meeting duration and to end it on time. Here is exactly when a good countdown timer app would be a great tool, making it possible to watch the time remaining for each topic or the meeting as a whole.

Following this advice should help you run effective and productive meetings, reaching your team's full performance and improving their results! Another benefit you'll have when applying that strategy is a more clean and meaningful meeting minutes document.

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Create a board to help you manage your meeting

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