The Four Quadrants Team building

What is this activity?

The Four Quadrants template on EasyRetro is a versatile and engaging activity designed to break the ice and foster connections within a group or team. This technique creates a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, making it ideal for team-building sessions. The template consists of four columns, each representing a specific question or prompt. Participants can answer these questions individually before sharing their responses with the group. The questions in each column can be fully customized to suit the unique needs and objectives of the team.

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The Four Quadrants Template

What unique value or qualities do you bring to this organization?

What support or collaboration do you seek from this team?

What lasting impact do you hope to create through this organization?

Can you share an event that significantly shaped your life?

How to conduct this activity

To run the Four Quadrants activity, follow these steps: 1 - Access the EasyRetro board: Create a new board using the Four Quadrants template on EasyRetro. 2 - Customize the questions: Customize the questions in each column to align with your team's context and goals. Choose questions that encourage meaningful self-expression and insights into each participant's values, aspirations, and experiences. 3 - Individual response time: Ask participants to spend 5-10 minutes working individually, answering the questions in the corresponding columns. 4 -Group sharing: After the individual response time, regroup the participants. Give each person 4-10 minutes (depending on your time frame) to share their responses with the group. Encourage open and respectful communication, fostering connections and understanding among team members. By running this activity, you can create a positive and interactive environment, allowing participants to get to know each other better. The customizable nature of the template ensures that the activity can be tailored to suit various team dynamics and objectives. Whether it's a team-building event or a regular meeting, the Four Quadrants template is an excellent way to set the stage for productive and collaborative interactions. This template was inspired by the “Break the Ice with The Four Quadrants Activity” created by Leigh Ann Rodgers.

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