Team Radar Team building

What is this activity?

Help evaluate various aspects of teamwork based on your team's specific needs and priorities. What is important is to involve the team in defining and prioritizing the aspects they want to evaluate. This ensures that the radar reflects their collective perception and provides meaningful insights for improvement.

Recommended participants: 10

Duration: 45 minutes

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Team Radar Template


How effectively team members share information, ideas, and feedback with each other.


How well team members work together, support each other, and leverage each other's strengths.


How well the team plans and organizes their work, sets goals, and manages priorities.


How the team makes decisions collectively, considers different perspectives, and reaches consensus.

Trust and Respect

How team members build trust, demonstrate respect for each other, and create a safe working environment.


How well the team responds to changes, adjusts their plans, and embraces new approaches.

How to conduct this activity

1. You can decide on aspects of teamwork you want to evaluate (for example: Communication, Collaboration, Planning, Decision-Making, Trust&Respect, and Adaptability) 2. Determine a rating like 1 could be the lowest, 10 highest 3. Team now provides their thoughts by putting a rate to each aspect 4. Discuss each aspect's scores and you can highlight the aspect with the lowest and also the highest 5. Identify action items 6. Track and Adapt

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