Happy/Puzzled/Sad - QA Focused Retrospective

What is this activity?

Is quality assurance important to your product? How about to your brand? If the answer is yes then perhaps it’s time to think about offering your QAs the spotlight at the retrospective table. Hold a QA focused retrospective to: - Surface feedback previously unavailable to development. - Help product managers and developers to ‘un-silo’ and look at software from the Quality perspective. - Practically understand product development. QA engineers are the team members with the most practical experience in how the software actually performs. They know the ins and outs of user experience, where ‘gotchas’ typically lie, and where and how to look for defects. In short, they’ve been there and done that in more than theory. - Promote mindfulness and accountability—of all team members.

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Happy/Puzzled/Sad - QA Focused Template

Things that made me happy

Things that made me puzzled

Things that made me sad

How to conduct this activity

Use the QA-Focused Retrospective (Method: Happy/Puzzled/Sad) when you want to know how your teams felt, rather than what happened. This is a great way to see where silo-related tensions lie, and to find out what’s really ‘bugging’ your team. Ask your team to add cards to jot down the things that made them happy, confused, or sad/angry. On the card, they should briefly describe the issue. Afterward, group the cards with the same category and dot-vote to prioritize issues. (Hint: limit each person to three votes, and don’t allow double-dotting).

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