Hypothesis Retrospective - QA Focused Retrospective

What is this activity?

Is quality assurance important to your product? How about to your brand? If the answer is yes then perhaps it’s time to think about offering your QAs the spotlight at the retrospective table. Hold a QA focused retrospective to: - Surface feedback previously unavailable to development. - Help product managers and developers to ‘un-silo’ and look at software from the Quality perspective. - Practically understand product development. QA engineers are the team members with the most practical experience in how the software performs. They know the ins and outs of user experience, where ‘gotchas’ typically lie, and where and how to look for defects. In short, they’ve been there and done that in more than theory. - Promote mindfulness and accountability—of all team members.

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Hypothesis Retrospective - QA Focused Template

We hypothesize by <implementing this>

We will <improve on this problem>

Which will <benefits>

As measured by <measurements>

How to conduct this activity

Use this QA-Focused Retrospective (Method: Hypothesis) when you want teams to collaborate on solutions. Ask everyone to add cards on their priority issue, then group and dot-vote. (Hint: do one 10-minute round of individual issue brainstorming, then after voting combine members into cross-functional teams to build a hypothesis. A hypothesis can then be dot-voted to provide an action step for the current retrospective).

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