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What is this activity?

Did you know that by knowing your team, you can increase engagement? Getting to know your team as individuals will be incredibly valuable but will take time. This is going to be an investment of time and resources. But when you invest in these resources, it ultimately will make your job easier. By knowing your team, you'll know how best to engage them and keep them engaged. Fully engaged team members are more productive, satisfied, and are much more likely to be long-term employees. The “Get to know the team” activity is a simple and effective team-building exercise that helps everyone to get more familiar with each other. There's no limit on the size of the group that can participate in this exercise. And you'll need a virtual board tool like EasyRetro to run this activity.

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Get to know the team Template







How to conduct this activity

This template contains 6 columns. But feel free to add more columns to it. Here’s how to run this activity: 1 – Explain to the participants that the goal of this activity is for them to get to know each other. 2 – For the purpose of getting to know each other, ask the participants to add some information that they’re willing to share. They can add information to any of the 6 columns: Family, Travel, Education, Hometown, Hobbies, and Music. 3 – Now it’s time to ask each person to present themselves by sharing the information they added to the board.

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