Cupid's Retrospective Template Retrospective

What is this activity?

This activity was conceived to generate positive discussions and warm the heart of your team members. Cupid retrospective helps you reflect on your last work cycle by emphasizing the positive elements first. Then, this activity leaves room for team members' wishes, which will undoubtedly make improvement ideas emerge.

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Cupid's Retrospective Template Template


Tell us how you made a difference. e.g., I enjoyed helping the marketing team better understand our work.

Good stuff!

What did you like about the last Sprint/Project? e.g., We conducted our Sprint Planning in a smooth and effective way.

My wishes for tomorrow

What are your wishes for the team? e.g., I'd like to see more pair-programming so that we improve our quality standards.

A team to die for

Wait, no one's gonna die! Just share lovely words about your teammates. e.g., Rachel, I admire your availability and good humor.

How to conduct this activity

You can use this template to vary the nature of your recurring retrospectives (e.g., Sprint retrospective). Also, this retrospective idea works very well with a broader audience. Consequently, you could use Cupid as a company retrospective to take stock of the last quarter.

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