Plus Delta Template Retrospective

What is this activity?

A plus delta template is a simple way to objectively evaluate your team or project's status. Here’s what it looks like, how to use it and why you should. What is the plus? + The plus is an operator used in mathematics to find the sum of two or more numbers. It represents everything that is good in your project, what went well, and what you want to continue doing and don't want to change. What is the delta? Δ The delta is a symbol used in mathematics, engineering, and computer science to represent change. It means the things that you want to change on your project/team, things that can be improved, and things that you want to remove. Why you should use the Plus and Delta template? You should use this template because it is a very simple technique that can be learned very quickly and there is no learning curve for your team to use. It is very straightforward to use.

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Plus Delta Template Template


Everything that's going well and should be repeated for the future


Everything that you want to change or that can be improved

How to conduct this activity

How to use the plus delta template for your sprint retrospective This exercise is pretty simple, it is composable of only two columns that represent things that are going well (plus) and things that you want to change (delta). 1 - You can start by asking your team to brainstorm for 5 minutes on the things they want to add to the columns Plus and Delta. 2 - After that, you read all the cards and make sure everyone is on the same page regarding what those cards mean. You can also merge cards that are similar and have the same meaning, 3 - Next you can ask your team to vote on the top 3 cards they want to discuss, the top 3 cards presented on the delta column. 4 - After your team voted, you can discuss the most voted cards and brainstorm with your team how you can improve those topics and what action items you can create to fix the issues,

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