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Discover how to enrich your workflow using EasyRetro's Slack Integration

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Slack is a new way to communicate with your team. It's faster, better organized, and more secure than email.

We support a simple Slack integration, so you can easily notify your team about new retrospective boards being created, right on your Slack channel.

This integration will help you by:

  • Automatically notifying your team when you create a board
  • Providing a link for everyone to join you on your new board

Here's an example of a Slack notification sent by EasyRetro:

EasyRetro message sent to a Slack channel

We also support integrations with Confluence, Jira, Trello, and

How to connect EasyRetro to Slack

Here we'll briefly cover the basic integration steps.

First, to connect your EasyRetro account with Slack, just head to the Integrations page. Choose the team you want members to receive notifications from, and click on its "Add to Slack" button:

Trello connection button on EasyRetro Integration page

Then, run through the authorization process, choose a channel and you are good to go!

Once your integration is fully set up, we will send the notifications to the select channel every time a new board is created.

Video tutorial for the integration

Here's a tutorial in video format showing how to make Slack Integration.

What People Say About Us?

Neil avatar
Neil Co-founder,  PartnerStack
EasyRetro is a great way to host efficient, fun and effective sprint retros. We have been using it for years.
Piotr Nadarkiewicz avatar
Piotr Nadarkiewicz Scrum Master,  Iterators
Thank you for creating this application :-) Actually, it happens to be the first digital facilitation software I learned about on my Scrum Master path.
Will Bridges avatar
Will Bridges Engineering Manager,  Hotel Engine
Having used EasyRetro at 3 different positions now over the years I have to say it's effective, simple, and a great tool to make retro's easy to digest and keep the historical context of your ceremonies. It's a great addition for your ceremonies and the support team is there if you ever have any issue.
Luis Palomero avatar
Luis Palomero Data scientist,  Declarando
Your software is fantastic to run retrospectives even with no technical groups. Thank you!
Chriselle avatar
I first used EasyRetro on a previous project and it was the best tool I had come across. It is so easy to use and can be customized to the needs of the team. EasyRetro is the easiest way to run retrospectives with your team!
Januka W. avatar
Januka W. Product Owner,  BlackSwan Technologies
EasyRetro is an amazing tool to gather anonymous feedback from your audience/team. You can specify different columns for each feedback type, and allow users to both post feedback and vote for each other's feedback. No signup is required to provide feedback, and of course, it's Free.

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