Only these people are allowed to attend sprint retrospective

    Choose one or more of the following:

  • Scrum Master and Developers
  • Product Owner and Developers
  • Scrum Master and Product Owner
  • Scrum Team

Why this is the correct answer

The sprint retrospective is a regular meeting held at the end of a sprint in Scrum methodology, where the development team reflects on the positive and negative aspects of the sprint. It is an opportunity for the team to identify areas for improvement and to celebrate successes. The retrospective also serves as a time for sprint recovery and preparation for the next sprint.

The sprint retrospective team typically consists of the product owner, the Scrum Master, and the entire development team. The development team includes all members involved in the product's design, construction, and testing. This diverse group of individuals brings a range of perspectives that are valuable for identifying process improvements.

During the meeting, the Scrum Master facilitates the discussion and encourages the development team to suggest ways to improve their workflow practices within the Scrum process framework. The team then decides on changes to be implemented during the next sprint.

The Scrum Master also acts as a process coach, guiding the team back on course if they deviate from the predetermined action plan and offering suggestions and advice when needed.

Overall, the sprint retrospective is an important tool for continuous improvement and helps teams to work more efficiently and effectively.

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