How does a Scrum Master lead a team's efforts in relentless improvement?

    Choose one or more of the following:

  • By facilitating a team meeting
  • By focusing on the Iteration goals
  • By facilitating the team retrospective
  • By eliminating impediments

Why this is the correct answer

The correct answer for "How does a Scrum Master lead a team's efforts in relentless improvement" is "By facilitating the team retrospective" because the retrospective is a crucial ceremony in the Scrum framework where the team reflects on their work during the past iteration, identifies areas of improvement, and agrees on action items to implement in the next iteration.

As a facilitator, the Scrum Master ensures that the retrospective runs smoothly and effectively, creating a safe environment for open and honest communication. They encourage participation from all team members, guide the team through the process, and help the team identify and prioritize improvement areas. By doing so, the Scrum Master plays a vital role in helping the team continuously improve their processes, collaboration, and overall performance.

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