⚡️ What's new in EasyRetro?

Changelog #18 - New feature and Improvements

Trello Integration New feature

Trello just arrived to EasyRetro. Export your Action Items to cards with this new integration.

Under integrations page connect to your Trello account:

Select the action item you want to export:

Hide Gifs Improvement

Sometimes GIFs can be distracting, to help you out we add a button to hide them.

Hide Boards on Dashboard Improvement

We shipped a performance improvement dashboard and added an option to show and hide board sections. This also helps you navigate between teams if you are a heavy user.

Changelog #17 - New features

Show next bill date on profile Improvement

Now you can see your next bill date on your profile.

Microsoft Teams integration New feature

It is finally here. Set up the EasyRetro tab app in MS Teams and start using this integration

Jira integration New feature

Jira users can also use our new integration to export cards

Changelog #16 - New feature and improvements

Organization admin teams New feature

Admins are now able to create and manage teams within their organizations!

Max votes per column New feature

Max votes can be set by column or by the whole board.

EasyRetro's Wall of Love New tool

Take a look at what our users are saying about EasyRetro and leave your own testimonial!

Scroll page on drag Improvement

The page will automatically scroll when you are dragging your cards around!

Changelog #15 - New feature and improvements

Organization admins New feature

You can add up to five admins to your organization. Admins are able to manage billing information.

Meeting summary New feature

Get insights from your retrospective sessions with this new summary page!

Action item assignee New feature

Assign action items to someone.

Improved Emoji Picker Improvement

The new version of our Emoji Picker allows you to search for emojis and navigate through the categories!

Accessibility Improvement

We worked on the Dashboard and Board pages, improving the experience for keyboard-only users and screen-readers. Labels were added and semantic markup elements were applied to provide better interactions for these users.

Changelog #14 - Template's page improvement

Add image to template Improvement

Add an image from Unsplash to your suggested templates, and it will be shown on the page once the template is approved!

Changelog #13 - New features

Highlight cards New feature

Highlight any card by just keeping your mouse over it:

Action items tab New feature

All action-items from your past retros are shown on a new tab:

Action items at the Analytics tab New feature

You can also follow action-items completion under the Analytics tab:

Free Moving Motivators tool New tool

Find out what motivates your team-mates with this free tool

Changelog #12 - New features

Pin cards New feature

Now you can pin cards to the top of the column:

Pin boards new-feature

We added pin feature to boards as well.

Transfer teams New feature

You are able to transfer teams to another user right on the Teams page:

Show cards by column New feature

When the cards of your board are hidden, you are able to show cards of specific columns:

Reset votes by column New feature

Now you can reset the cards votes by column:

Presentation mode New feature

If you need to run a presentation and want to hide your votes, you can Start the Presentation Mode:

New colors Improvement

There are new colors for columns and cards:

Changelog #11 - Improvement

Social media image preview Improvement

We improved the image preview when you share your board.

Changelog #10 - Legal update

We updated our privacy policy Update

We will archive public boards from free accounts after a period of (1.5) years. Archived boards will still be accessible by the original account that created them, but they won't be accessible by other people with the board URL. The board owner can still unarchive the boards at anytime.

Changelog #9 - New features and improvements

Columns features update Improvement

Add description to column

Give more info to your boards adding a description to your columns:

Delete column

Now you are able to delete a column with cards:

Clear column

An easy way to clean all cards in a column:

Copy card text New feature

We add a shortcurt to copy the text of a single card:

GIFs New feature

GIFs are now avaiable, make sure to enable it when creating a new board or check the option in the sidebar:

QR Code Improvement

We improve the share option adding QR code, it is easy to share when you are screen sharing:

Hide prime directive Improvement

Now you can hide the prime directive hint:

Show hidden cards to board owner Improvement

If you are a board owner, check this new option to show hidden cards only for you:

Changelog #8 - New features

Filter cards by comments Improvement

We improved the search inside boards. Now you are able to find a card by a comment:

Changelog #7 - New features and improvements

News in kudos New feature

Kudos wall

Share your feedbacks with your teammates and keep it organized with the new Kudos Wall

Kudos from & to

Another feature added to the kudos was the option to set "From" and "To"

Sort and filter user Improvement

Sort your cards and filter by author name:

Merge and drag cards in list view New feature

Now you have all the power you had with columns view in list view as well, drag and merge your card between columns.

Changelog #6 - New features

Change cards color New feature

When editing a card now you have the option to change the cards colors.

Dark mode New feature

Dark mode is now avaiable in EasyRetro, you can easily toggle between dark and light mode.

Protect boards with password New feature

To improve security in your board, with this feature you can add a password to be request when someone visit your board.

First select "Secure board with password" option when creating a board:

The password is avaiable inside board's sidebar:

Changelog #5 - New tool, improvements and new features

Restore deleted boards and cards New feature

Now you can restore deleted board and cards direct from your dashboard.

Add name to anonymous user New feature

If you want to allow anonymous users to add a name now it is possible.

Check the option when creating the board or in the sidebar as follow:

Now anonymous users can use a name as a identifier:

New create board Improvement

We re-designed and improved the experience when creating a new board. Now it is easyier to find and preview a template.

Changelog #4 - New tool, improvements and new features

Easy Kudo tool New tool

Now you can easily create a Kudo card with a "thanks" message to show your teammates they are appreciated!

Export board to docx New feature

There is a new export format! If you need to customize your document before sending it to your team/manager, just select the DOCX option!

Export surveys Improvement

If you have any surveys on your board, they will be exported too!

Integrate teams with Confluence New feature

If you need your team members and admins to export retro boards to Confluence by themselves, you just need to grant access to your integration!

Downgrade plans Improvement

Now you can downgrade your plan to a lower tier if you are subscribed to the Business or Enterprise plans!

Changelog #3 - Survey on boards

Survey feature New feature

Now you can easily run surveys for any purpose right on your boards!

Changelog #2 - Features and Improvements

Unmerge cards New feature

Now you can easily unmerge a group of cards on your boards.

Move board from team to public New feature

This feature lets you move your boards from team to public. That way, you can share the board with people from outside your team if needed.

Action itens New feature

Now you can turn your cards into action items, so it's easier to keep track of the tasks your team has planned.

New board menu design Improvement

This time our focus was on the board menu. We completely updated buttons and fields, improving design and user experience. We're aiming to keep it simple and easy-to-use!

Changelog #1 - Meeting tools

Meeting timer New tool

Manage your meeting with this free countdown timer tool.

Meeting Minutes New tool

Collaborate with this free and easy to use meeting minutes template tool.

Meeting agenda New tool

Collaborate with this free and easy to use meeting minutes template tool.