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May avatar
May Senior Support Specialist
Tchales Jr's customer support truly exceeded my expectations. When I encountered an issue with launching easyretro board links, I reached out to their support team via email for assistance, and I was blown away by their professionalism, efficiency, and dedication to resolving my issue promptly. Tchales Jr responded swiftly, demonstrating a deep understanding of the platform and a genuine desire to help. I highly recommend EasyRetro Board, not only for its user-friendly interface and features but also for the unparalleled support experience. Thank you, Tchales Jr, for your outstanding service!
Eric avatar
You live up to your name, and I continue to appreciate your balance of simplicity and flexibility.
Shane Williamson avatar
Shane Williamson Agile Business Coach
EasyRetro is a brilliant tool to assist with continuous improvement with the people you work with. Take time out to talk about what is going well & for those things not going so well, how can you try to improve.
Andrey avatar
Andrey Program Manager,  Self-employed
The name fits the product - very easy and has just enough to bring the retro ceremonies discussions to the next level.
Martyna Tarnawska avatar
Martyna Tarnawska Facilitator, Trainer, and Business Consultant
Thank You EasyRetro for making tool as easy, interactive and intuitive as possible! :)
Kosma Lenar avatar
Kosma Lenar Head of Product Design
We use Easyretro tool for retrospective. From our perspective, it boosted up our cooperation.
Professor Conectado avatar
Professor Conectado
O EasyRetro é uma excelente ferramenta para avaliar os pontos positivos e negativos do semestre, bem como ainda criar plano de ação para os pontos ruins apontados pelos professores.
Anna Bagirova avatar
Anna Bagirova Scrum Master
Thank you for your product! Use it with my teams.
Shane Williamson avatar
Shane Williamson Agile Business Coach
Easyretro is one of the best psychologically safe retrospective apps out there & has loads of different templates. Go and appreciate your team.
MoGility avatar
MoGility Specialized training geared towards Agile and SAFe
If you haven't heard of this tool, I highly recommend checking it out. If you know me, you know I love Retrospectives and this tool helps make them more fun and less stale. Check it out and tell me what you think.
Oversized Moose With Socks (xlmoose.eth) avatar
Oversized Moose With Socks (xlmoose.eth)
We used this for all of our scrum retros at a company I worked for, and it was a really valuable tool to have! Worth shouting out for sure! 🙌 keep building
Carina Thais Trigueiro avatar
Carina Thais Trigueiro Analista de Processos | Projetos | Agile | Scrum | Design Thinking| OKR | Management 3.0 | LSS Green Belt
Gosto de utilizar a ferramenta "EasyRetro" para fazer assessement ao final do projeto, ou utilizar na sprint para retrospectiva, para definir o que precisa ser feito, o que deve ser retirado do processo. É uma ferramenta ótima para priorização por meio do voto.
Heather Zink avatar
Heather Zink Director,  EdTech Solutions
I heart EasyRetro boards for team collaboration. We love the anonymity component and feel like we get better responses from our team this way, and the likes & comments features are helpful too to see what resonates with everyone — and the colors make it fun to view 👌🏼
Rich Roberts avatar
Rich Roberts QA Automation Engineer,  Switchfly, INc.
Tchales was who represented me for the issue I was having, and he professional and quickly provided an effective solution. He has exceptional customer service skills and took full ownership over my issue. Overall I highly recommend Easy Retro's support, because Tchales amazingly represented them, and deserves a raise! or at least a free coffee! C'mon management, make it happen! ;)
Marcos Rocha avatar
Marcos Rocha Purpose: Make people better every day
I strongly recommend. It has been fun and very productive making retros with EasyRetro. 🥰
Wojciech Żywolt avatar
Wojciech Żywolt Social Media | Digital Marketing | Training courses | Emoji Marketing
It's worth using your tool! 😊
Tomasz Maj avatar
Tomasz Maj Engagement Manager & Agile Transformation Expert
Just want you to know, that I love your product.
ABC'S of Scrum avatar
ABC'S of Scrum Your Friendly Neighborhood Scrum Coach
I use EasyRetro. Great tool, give it a try!
Aline Sacilotto avatar
Aline Sacilotto Product Hacking | Product Management
Por aqui usamos bastante o EasyRetro onde tem vários templates podendo direcionar o tempo, apenas mostrar as respostas depois e usar GIFs também! Super recomendo!
Becca avatar
I am so grateful for the incredibly quick attention and solution given to my problem! I used the chat to share my question and I received help trying to determine exactly what the problem was, a workaround while it was escalated to the Tech team, and then within a few hours a solution. Now I can continue working with my team to collaborate on a project with 25+ participants. Special thanks to Tchales for the excellent customer service. I'll be purchasing a license for this site now, this gave me great confidence that if anything comes up (first time in the many times I've used this free site) that I will get the support I need to keep my projects on track. Definitely recommend EasyRetro!
Zuzana Mačková avatar
Zuzana Mačková Mentor and Scrum Master,  Etnetera Flow
I love using it not only for retrospectives, but also for various other workshops EasyRetro that has very nice templates. :) (Translated from Czech by Google)
Priscilla Lavoie avatar
Priscilla Lavoie Fractional CMO | IESE MBA | Marketing from the Heart | Tech and impact focus
I like using EasyRetro for collaborative, fun, online retrospectives.
Vitória Kovaltchuk avatar
Vitória Kovaltchuk Scrum Master
Hoje foi dia de realizar minha primeira retrospectiva com o Time Pã. Fiz uma apresentação com slides e, posteriormente, utilizamos a ferramenta EasyRetro, que possibilitou o levantamento de muitas informações e ideias interessantes.
Josh F. avatar
Josh F.
Tchales, was very helpful assisting me in switching the email for my account. It was a complicated solution and he responded and solved very quickly. Thank you!
LABdigital avatar
LABdigital Laboratório digital de Marketing, E-Commerce, SEO, PPC.
Utilizar ferramentas de trabalho práticas e atuais é um dos elementos que nos permite criar e elaborar estratégias bem definidas que cumpram todos os objetivos e gerem resultados positivos. Descubra 4 das ferramentas que são utilizadas diariamente na LABdigital: Click Up, EasyRetro, Slack e Ai Illustrator.
Caitlin Docker avatar
Caitlin Docker Director of Program Operations
Excellent customer support from Tchales! We were working through a series of sticky permissions and access issues. Not only did Tchales acknowledge the blockers we were experience, he was incredibly patient and kind as we brainstormed ways to overcome it. Appreciated Tchales clear communication and creative thinking.
Chriselle avatar
I first used EasyRetro on a previous project and it was the best tool I had come across. It is so easy to use and can be customized to the needs of the team. EasyRetro is the easiest way to run retrospectives with your team!
Isshai K avatar
Isshai K Agile Coach,  IT Industry Tools
EasyRetro has the best retrospective tools on the market! They are fun and easy to use when conducting Sprint Retro!
королевишна avatar
We use EasyRetro for the book club.
Mario avatar
Mario Creador de contenido
Easyretro - Herramienta de retrospectiva de sprint gratuita, sencilla e intuitiva.
Matt Knott avatar
Matt Knott Heal of Digital Applications,  Swansea Bay UHB
EasyRetro - Make sprint retrospectives fun! Or just easier.
Priscilla Tiemi Kissaki avatar
Priscilla Tiemi Kissaki Scrum Master
Hoje foi o dia da Retrospectiva!!! Quem não conhece sobre o que é uma Sprint Retrospective, vou comentar um pouco sobre o tema. O objetivo da Sprint Retrospective é gerar ações para melhorar o processo de trabalho do time, é o evento que fecha a sprint. Existem vários sites/plataformas para sua retrospectiva. Citarei alguns: EasyRetro, Neatro, Miro, Retro Tool. Quem quiser comentar outros sites para retrospectiva ou sugerir também, fiquem à vontade.
Megan avatar
Confluence for agenda and notes. Jira for action items. Easyretro for our retrospective.
Reena Ambai (Gupta) avatar
Reena Ambai (Gupta) Co-Founder ARR Experts
One of the hardest parts of enablement is letting go of needing things to be completely buttoned up before sharing with a broader audience. To get myself out of this mindset, I’ve found that these things help: Creating structured brainstorming sessions to get informative inputs for the best results (thanks to tools like Mural and EasyRetro this is simple now!).
ioasys avatar
ioasys Construímos experiências únicas para empresas ousadas.
O EasyRetro é uma plataforma muito simples para reviews de projetos, mas pode ir muito além. Ele possibilita listar itens, agrupá-los e realizar votações. É ideal para workshops que precisam de poucos recursos e para quando os participantes só podem acessar pelo smartphone.
Noemí Vico avatar
Noemí Vico Agile Coach
I love your platform. It’s easy and useful!
D'Janapha Fortune avatar
D'Janapha Fortune Racial Justice Strategist
Easyretro is my go-to (free version does have a limit of boards you can create).
Zsombor Erdődy-Nagy avatar
Zsombor Erdődy-Nagy Engineering Manager,  Uber
Even before the pandemic, I found it useful to not use physical whiteboards for retros. Too much admin needed afterwards. Not searchable and remote-friendly. Use digital - shared docs / spreadsheets / trello / retro apps. I tend to use EasyRetro.
Ravi Kumar Sapata avatar
Ravi Kumar Sapata Head of Products,  PriceHubble
Great tool for conducting an effective retro! easyretro.io
Brighttail Digital avatar
Brighttail Digital Helping B2B tech companies ignite their growth.
We love EasyRetro! Keep up the good work! 💪
Jayme Camargo avatar
Jayme Camargo Digital Product mgmt,  Rede Lojacorr
Glauber Ramos, a EasyRetro tá cada dia mais linda, sucesso e muito obrigado pela dedicação e produto sensacional!
Mike Broomhead avatar
Mike Broomhead Lead Architect,  NHS England
New tool - EasyRetro is excellent for fast collaboration!
Sam avatar
Sam Product Manager
Do you feel like your Retros are just going through the motions, rather than focusing on continual improvement? EasyRetro provides 100's retro variations to keep things fresh.
Neil Vass avatar
Neil Vass Digital skills practice lead,  Co-op
I've heard people with older kit can struggle with Miro. Other tools: Easyretro is a columns-and-cards tool (fast, no sign-in, has voting, card hiding, more). Depending on what you're trying to do, Google Slides can work surprisingly well!
Yinka avatar
Yinka Agile Coach,  Scrum Mastery Playbook
One of the questions I get a lot from scrum masters is what tool can I use for my retrospective. While there are many tools online, I have curated 3 really easy tools you can start using today to make your retrospective more collaborative. EasyRetro, TeleRetro and Trello.
Stephen Mounsey avatar
Stephen Mounsey Software Engineer
FunRetro now EasyRetro has the ability to hide cards. This has been useful. Have to change it up a bit and ask each person to guess who thinks put that instead of each person guessing a whole line of another’s. Has a similar feel and can still be a fun quiz/gameshow.
Nopopon avatar
I was wondering what would happen to retro remotely, but EasyRetro was simple and pretty good. (Translated from Japanese by Google)
Tony 장영춘 avatar
Tony 장영춘 Engineer
I've enjoyed using EasyRetro
Chris Caldwell avatar
Chris Caldwell Company Owner,  Caldwell Creative
If you're looking for an easy way to do remote retros, check out EasyRetro.
Aziz Khambati avatar
Aziz Khambati Senior Software Engineer,  Bloomberg LP
Funretro is now EasyRetro and it's amazing.
Daniel Z. avatar
Daniel Z. Software Quality Engineer
I like that it has simple functionality and is easy to use. It's very straight forward with little configuration to get started.
Raphaela Wrede avatar
Raphaela Wrede Engineering Manager,  Contentful
In my current team, we are using EasyRetro for remote retrospectives. It supports all features that I'd define as "must-haves" and it is completely free for up to 3 boards.
Alecia avatar
Alecia Founder,  Women Innovators
If you know what it means to be on a sprint team, you should check out https://easyretro.io It makes retrospectives fun, truly! We used for the first time today and I'm a fan!
Jeffrey Davidson avatar
Jeffrey Davidson Founder,  Leading Great Teams
Online + distributed retrospectives continue to get easier with Easy Retro via @glauberamos https://buff.ly/2pZVWTy | Good stuff, getting better
Thoughtworks Brasil avatar
Thoughtworks Brasil
Recomendamos essa ferramenta para #retrospectivas: easyretro.io Quer saber mais? Acesse também http://funretrospectives.com :)
Forecast Agile avatar
Forecast Agile
Love using EasyRetro for agile transformation engagements! Your template library keeps retros fresh & engaging for our clients. No more boring meetings! 🙏
Mia avatar
Mia Strategy
Tchales from the EasyRetro support team was magnificent in providing support to me when attempting to exporting boards. Thank you!
Gisele Silva avatar
Gisele Silva Scrum Master
Gente, com certeza o nosso time ganhou em agilidade e inovação ao utilizar o EasyRetro nas nossas cerimônias! Vou levar pra vida! 😉
Jordan Hirsch avatar
Jordan Hirsch Making it fun, safe, and possible to do hard things at work.
I've been a big EasyRetro fan since back when it was called FunRetro!
Melanie G. avatar
Melanie G. Product Manager
My experience with EasyRetro has been very positive! As the product manager on the team, I've used it to help facilitate tough discussions as a team, debrief things that went wrong and celebrate our wins. Being anonymous has allowed our team to create a culture of psychological safety, where folks feel empowered to give feedback and then we discuss and create action items as a team. This has only made our team stronger and helped us course correct when needed, and celebrate what's going well. It's super easy to set up a board, and I love having access to all of the previous boards so we can review progress over time. I recommend it to all of my PM friends. I also like the ability to upvote cards & drag cards with similar ideas together. This helps prioritize our discussion and see what themes are arising.
Beth Noser avatar
Beth Noser Cultivating teams by facilitating creativity and empowerment
Seriously love EasyRetro!
Amy Brown avatar
Amy Brown
Your boards have helped revitalize our retro conversations. Before switching to EasyRetro, I wasn't getting any feedback at all most sprints, and now we get a lot of good discussion started, sometimes simply by using gifs to represent how it went.
Bosah Josephine avatar
Bosah Josephine Scrum Master | Agile Coach
This tool is so easy even my 5 years old can use it. You have an amazing product! 👌🏾
Alex Moloney avatar
Alex Moloney Procurement Product Owner
I love using an EasyRetro board, which a colleague got me onto. We tailor the questions before the meeting and ask people to provide their answers and opinions in real time (can be anonymous too). Then each person has time to share their thoughts, if they're comfortable to do so.
Moriah C. avatar
Moriah C. Leader in Agile Transformations and Training
Do you love Retrospectives like me? Do you ever find they become stale? Check out this tool which so many templates, it'll blow your mind.
Neil Grant avatar
Neil Grant VP,  Tenovos
We have found funretro/easyretro to be a core part of our work and culture here at Tenovos. would not be without it and can thoroughly recommend to all other product companies!
Luis Palomero avatar
Luis Palomero Declarando
We arrived at Easy Retro recommended by an external consultant with a lot of experience about agile software development. This tool has everything we need, making the retrospective meetings easy, collaborative and helping us to extract the maximum value possible from each one. We have been using Easy Retro for more than two years, and hope it would be much more time.
Jim Bertsch avatar
Jim Bertsch
EasyRetro is a free and easy way to mix up the retro format with templates.
Vanessa avatar
Vanessa Engineering Manager
Must have for remote teams!
Kyle avatar
Kyle Agile coach
I recommend EasyRetro for teams that need an easy to learn and feature rich way to conduct retros. The voting functionality, intuitive controls for the board admin and fun templates, make it a win for me.
Ray 🦊 Fox avatar
Ray 🦊 Fox Senior User Experience Designer,  Omnicell
Thanks EasyRetro! What I ❤️ about you: your tool was so easy to use we were able to run this easily and without any issues.
Liderar avatar
Liderar Sê o líder que gostarias de ter
EasyRetro - O antigo FunRetro mas que mantém o Fun de usar. Talvez já tenhas ouvido falar desta ferramenta ou até já a tenhas utilizado nas tuas retrospectivas mas o EasyRetro tem muitas mais funcionalidades e propósitos do que apenas uma forma de dinamizar retrospectivas. Esta ferramenta é um dos casos em que temos um Ferrari nas mãos e só o usamos para ouvir música! 😆
Lital Hassine avatar
Lital Hassine JoyTunes
Yay! We use it for all our retros in the teams and company.
Danielle Benson avatar
Danielle Benson Senior Program Manager
I will definitely use it again! Thanks for making such a great tool. The features are great and the UI is intuitive.
Ale avatar
Ale Strategy & Innovation Manager,  Accenture
I have been using EasyRetro (previously FunRetro) for years and I love it. It is self intuitive & easy to use. Even really non-tech savvy people can jump on it and use it. The built-in analytics and integrations with other tools are also handy. There are also lots of fun templates you can choose from & alter if needed. I have used it extensively for running retrospectives and other sessions - ideations, prioritizations, research insights synthesis etc. Can't recommend it more!
Robert Fujdiar avatar
Robert Fujdiar Agile/Scrum Consultancy
I'm there every week! Simple super tool. (Translated from Czech by Google)
Katie avatar
Katie Technical Program Manager
My experience with EasyRetro has been fabulous. Especially in a virtual world, it makes running a retrospective as a PM and participating as a developer easier and more collaborative. I'd recommend it to any organization that's virtual or hybrid as it's easily sharable ahead of time and has cool features to manage time, customize boards, and has ability to export. Their support team is very responsive and worked with our organization to integrate with Okta for security. One feature I love is ability to combine similar issues logged by the team into one card.
Lisa Li avatar
Lisa Li R&D Director
We have been increasing our use with EasyRetro due to our expansion on number of scrum teams. The tool is great to have.
Joanna Constant avatar
Joanna Constant Operations Coordinator,  TNC ORG
Customer is top tier. I thought I was going to get a robot or a Do Not Reply customer service. But it's completely different. A customer Service Representative, mine was Tchales, responded within 10 minutes as advertised. It was refreshing to talk to a real person and be able to have my questions answered. I am so used to getting Do Not Reply messages that I had simply read the message that was initially sent, Tchales email this morning confirming that if I had received his initial message. Thank you again for you for your stellar customer service.
Sam Adékunle avatar
Sam Adékunle Program Manager
I used EasyRetro for the first time yesterday, and the brainstorming session went well. My fav feature's the hide/unhide cards feature. Thanks to @koredeadebayo_ for the recommendation, and I appreciate everyone that responded to my tweet.
Will Bridges avatar
Will Bridges Engineering Manager,  Hotel Engine
Having used EasyRetro at 3 different positions now over the years I have to say it's effective, simple, and a great tool to make retro's easy to digest and keep the historical context of your ceremonies. It's a great addition for your ceremonies and the support team is there if you ever have any issue.
Zuzana Mačková avatar
Zuzana Mačková Mentor and Scrum Master,  Etnetera Flow
It is such a pleasure when company whose tool I love because it is probably the best online tool for doing retrospective with your team recomends my article for reading. 🤩 Thank you EasyRetro for sharing my experience about "How we do retrospectives in our Etnetera mobile team." I am really happy for that. 💖
Noor K. avatar
Noor K. Scrum Master
Thanks. EasyRetro is definitely one of my fav tools.
Dani T. avatar
Dani T. Senior Growth Marketing Manager,  Clovers
I love using EasyRetro to allow for anonymity and the ability to 'like' others' comments to help streamline thoughts. The 4Ls are my typical go-to for feedback organization but I like this simple what's working/what's not too!
Antoni Tzavelas avatar
Antoni Tzavelas Scrum Master
Retrospectives can get boring, and the rule of thumb is not to run the same retro more than 4x. This is why I'm always on the hunt for templates to run them: Miro, Mural, Retromat, EasyRetro, and The Virtual Agile Coach. To name a few.
The Curious One avatar
The Curious One
Have been using EasyRetro. Does the job neatly!
Benzne avatar
Benzne Agile Consulting
Check our next video in Benzne AgileforRemote series, which gives a quick introduction on EasyRetro & how it can help make your retrospective meetings fun and productive in a remote environment.
Januka W. avatar
Januka W. Product Owner,  BlackSwan Technologies
EasyRetro is an amazing tool to gather anonymous feedback from your audience/team. You can specify different columns for each feedback type, and allow users to both post feedback and vote for each other's feedback. No signup is required to provide feedback, and of course, it's Free.
Seamus McFarland avatar
Seamus McFarland Agile Delivery Manager at PwC
Happy Friday! A recent Community of Practice discussion was had on the websites and tools we use to enable Agile delivery. Mine are below, is there any I should add to the tool kit? Daily Stand-up: Dailytoast / Retrospective templates: Metroretro or EasyRetro / Collaboration, workshops & brainstorming: Miro.
Isshai Kamara avatar
Isshai Kamara Agile Coach,  IT Industry Tools
EasyRetro is my favorite tool and it’s also my student’s favorite as well.
Linum Labs avatar
Linum Labs Software Dev Studio
Our internal Lean Coffee topics for today. Thanks for the awesome platform to make it all happen, EasyRetro. 🔥
Ágil pra quê? avatar
Ágil pra quê? Te ajudo a entender e ingressar no mundo ágil
Ferramentas que venho usado e que gosto muito no meu dia a dia como Agilista: EasyRetro focada em retrospectivas. Ótima para momentos de troca entre o time.
Bola Adesope avatar
Bola Adesope Agile Coach
I definitely use your tool for and with my team. We use it for retro, collaboration, polls, and some brainstorming as well. Well done!
John Hardies avatar
John Hardies Product Manager,  Eden Health
I've used EasyRetro. Easy to customize columns, keeps things anonymous, easy upvoting, can open it early and let people think on their feedback and provide ahead of time.
Vitor Leal avatar
Vitor Leal CTO,  Solfacil
Aqui na Solfacil a gente usa o EasyRetro.
Shane Williamson avatar
Shane Williamson Agile Coach,  Telstra
Love Easyretro! it's a must-have for agile coaches :-)
Welton Sanches avatar
Welton Sanches Software Engineer
Aqui até funciona legal, no começo a galera ficava bem tímida pra indicar melhorias e tal. Começamos usar o EasyRetro e ajudou bastante porque a galera da as ideias anônimas pros pontos de melhoria.
Jon Clemo avatar
Jon Clemo
Tools for remote working & collaboration useful list. My go-to's are JamBoard & EasyRetro for ease of use with different groups - what are yours?
The IAM Hub avatar
The IAM Hub Transformational coaching & training for businesses & entrepreneurs.
It’s a game-changer! Love a bit of EasyRetro.
Layra Gonçalves avatar
Layra Gonçalves Scrum master,  Verum Partners
Quer agregar na Retrospectiva? Então anota essa dica: EasyRetro. Nele é possível criar colunas com informações, como por exemplo os “3 Cs”, criar um link compartilhável para que o squad preencha as colunas, controlar o tempo através do Timer e no final fazer uma votação para entender quais pontos devem ser priorizados para o próximo Sprint! Falei aqui de uma forma bem resumida, mas existem ainda mais funcionalidades: eu confesso que sou viciada!
Elas Projetam avatar
Elas Projetam Women in Project Management
Ferramenta simples e prática para facilitar as retrospectivas ou ser utilizada para coleta de feedbacks ao fim de uma atividade! E garante que todos possam colaborar e se expressar de forma democrática, sem precisar se expor.
Belén avatar
Belén UX Researcher,  Nubank
Me encanta usar EasyRetro para organizar retros, pero hoy por azar elegí este template que nos encantó: Elvis style. Escuchamos cada canción de fondo como timer y nos explayamos analizando cómo mejorar nuestro proyecto. Recomendadísima ✨
Verena Stauber avatar
Verena Stauber Project Coordinator,  International Cooperation Group
The tool #EasyRetro is one of my favorites. It’s easy to use and focuses on what’s important. Recommendable to use in groups where not all participants are very familiar with online tools.
Muhammad Nur Fauzan avatar
Muhammad Nur Fauzan Program Manager,  Ruangguru
In addition, it's also good for meetings to use EasyRetro. (Translated from Indonesian by Google)
El Senki avatar
El Senki
Nosotros usamos mucho esa web, tiene varios Boards.
Steven S. avatar
Steven S. Software Engineer
Very simple and intuitive interface. Ideal for running retrospectives with large teams remotely with no previous experience needed to start using immediately.
Chris Ford avatar
Chris Ford Head of Technology,  Thoughtworks
EasyRetro rocks!
Johan Terink avatar
Johan Terink CEO and Agile Coach,  AmbienZ
I use EasyRetro with multiple clients and teams and love the tool. It enables me to work with distributed teams and prepare Retrospectives in an easy and efficient way.
Ewa Bocian avatar
Ewa Bocian Evolutionary Catalyst,  dwarfsandGiants
In case you dont know this tool - really useful and easy to use for running retrospectives (defining area of focus, merge similar points, voting, prioritizing, sorting by no. of votes, etc.)
Factor Libre avatar
Factor Libre
Para realizar nuestra retrospectiva contamos con la ayuda de EasyRetro, una herramienta muy sencilla en su uso, pero altamente visual, que nos permite chequear rápidamente de dónde venimos y a dónde vamos. Porque sí, sentarse a pensar en grupo es, muchas veces, el camino más rápido para sortear dificultades y volar hacia el éxito.
YL avatar
I have been using EasyRetro for our sprint retro for 3 years. It is super easy to use, organize cards, and control interactions while providing features all I need for conducting a retro meeting. Combine cards, vote and vote settings, allow gif, anonymous option, and integrations with Slack are just some examples of my favorite features. I highly recommend it for its simplicity and specific for retro.
Angie Kroymann avatar
Angie Kroymann
My experience using EasyRetro has been good. I like that my team can be interactive with the application during the meeting and having a voice. Yes, I'd recommend EasyRetro. My favorite feature is to be able to copy a board and move to another team, voting, comments, and use of Gifs.
Vishal Arora avatar
Vishal Arora Engineering Manager,  Bolt Technology OU
EasyRetro UX is seamless, minimal and quick to pick up. Usually, when you, as a manager, ask your team to adopt a new tool, it is followed by some friction and has some learning curve to it. But using EasyRetro was quite easy for the team. Additionally, once I no more needed the service, I requested for a cancellation and the customer support was quite helpful. I would recommend this product to others.
BJ avatar
Really loved working with EasyRetro, easy to use and many tutorials if needed. The customer service is GREAT, and this means a lot to me. Response time is fast, they're friendly and the few issues I had were solved nearly immediately which reduced so much stress with my large project for 400+ people. I enjoyed working with the tool where people could participate, I could hide the responses, and then share them in a full team event where everything came together great. I also really liked being able to easily export this data so I could work with it in Word and reformat it for a takeaway document at the end of the workshop I was hosting. Worth every Euro paid and next time I have a project like this - I will gladly subscribe again and strong recommend!
PM Design Guide avatar
PM Design Guide
Congratulations! My teams use EasyRetro and we all love it!
Essential Agile Coaching avatar
Essential Agile Coaching Business Consultant
I love your tool and use it every retro!!
Diego José Chavez avatar
Diego José Chavez Desarrollador Web Fullstack
¡Descubrí la herramienta perfecta para mejorar las retrospectivas de SCRUM! Optimizando tus sesiones de retroalimentación en equipo de manera eficiente y efectiva. https://easyretro.io
Luciana avatar
Uso a ferramenta há anos e nunca me decepcionou. É intuitiva, funcional e, mesmo na versão free, já é possível realizar muitas tarefas. Quando precisei de suporte, fui prontamente atendida e meu problema resolvido, fazendo com que eu tenha ainda mais confiança no produto e sua equipe. Obrigada!
Charter avatar
Charter Transforming the workplace
We tested several retro tools with our own team at Charter during remote meetings across departments, and found EasyRetro and Parabol to be simple to use for those new to the tools and process, fostering discussions that generated clear takeaways.
Abi avatar
Abi Agile Coach | Scrum Master | Agile Project Manager
I have used EasyRetro so many times for my Team Retrospectives. We love it. Great tool, very intuitive with great features.
Renan avatar
Renan Engineering Manager,  360 Suites
Easyretro is really easy to use and start making retros with your agile teams. Our team at 360 Suites could benefit a lot from the retros done in the tool.
Steven Freedman avatar
Steven Freedman Scrum Master
EasyRetro is indeed easy to use, with a very short learning curve and all the features you would want.
Augusto Sobieski avatar
Augusto Sobieski Head of design
As a remote team, Easyretro has been a game-changer for our collaboration. Seamless communication and insight management at our fingertips!
Jonny Williams avatar
Jonny Williams Agile Delivery Lead & Author of "Delivery Management: Enabling Teams to Deliver Value",  Red Hat
Miro can be brilliant but not suited to every team. I've used EasyRetro for a long time. It's a reliable tool that does what it says on the tin.
Traci Guidry avatar
Traci Guidry Sr. Project Manager,  Bullhorn
User friendly tool!
Mart Parve avatar
Mart Parve Building mind reading for e-commerce
At FIND.Fashion, we have had bimonthly retros for the management team for many months now. Following a very typical scrum retro format (using Easyretro which is a great little tool).
Laman Sadigova avatar
Laman Sadigova Junior Product Owner
The main purpose of writing this post is to share with you a very simple and fun tool that will help Retrospective meetings to be more efficient. This tool is called EasyRetro. The best thing is that you can contribute anonymously. This creates a basis for everyone to state their opinion without hesitation or shame. I wanted to share this tool with you because I think it has been successful in the business process. (Translated from Azerbaijani by Google)
Jean Victor Ferreira avatar
Jean Victor Ferreira Scrum Master | Agilista | Agile Coach | Team Lead
I use it in retrospective ceremonies for the engagement of my team. I appreciate EasyRetro. See you, guys.
Irina Stanila avatar
Irina Stanila Scrum Master,  1&1 Internet Development SRL
Thank you SO much EasyRetro for making our retros enjoyable and so easy to handle the topics in our discussions! You do offer a great tool 🏆 🏅 ! We used it many, many times. 💕
Tom McGurl avatar
Tom McGurl Senior Engineering Manager
My team has been using Easy Retro to power our team retrospectives and we really enjoy it. We get a ton of use of of the "enable GIFS" feature 😂. I also love that there are some thoughtful pre-built templates to get us started. Easy retro helps kick of impactful conversations for my team and I highly recommend it.
Marley Geddes avatar
Marley Geddes Principle Product Engineer,  ESRI
Using Easy Retro for our release retrospectives makes the process simplier, more interactive and fun! I would recommend Easy Retro for teams that run regular retrospectives. Although there are many features that I appreciate in Easy Retro, it is their top tier customer service that really sets them apart from other retrospective tools! They are there to support you with anything you need and have great documentation and recourses at your finger tips!
Mark Dalgarno avatar
Mark Dalgarno Software Acumen - agile and UCD events
I love the ease of use of Easyretro - one can very quickly get a new board in place and a set of people who've never used Easyretro before using it. Greate service.
Neil avatar
Neil Co-founder,  PartnerStack
EasyRetro is a great way to host efficient, fun and effective sprint retros. We have been using it for years.
Cadu avatar
Cadu Consultor de Agilidade Organizacional
Possuir ferramentas para ajudar em nosso dia a dia otimiza e amplia os resultados da jornada. Aqui compartilho com vocês três ferramentas muito utilizadas em facilitações. Uma delas é o EasyRetro. Ferramenta que permite criar quadros e listas. Além de ajudar na gestão de tarefas ele pode ajudar em algumas facilitações.
Karen Thomas-Bland avatar
Karen Thomas-Bland Chair | Non Executive Director | Consultant - Specialising in business growth, transformation, turnaround, and M&A.
What tools do you use in your consulting and coaching practice? Here are some of the ones I find really useful. Collaborating with clients and teams: Idea Boardz, EasyRetro, Otter.ai, VideoAsk, Airtable, Doodle, Slido, and Krisp.
Estefania Barboza avatar
Estefania Barboza IT Manager,  Argenway
Thank you for creating this great tool!
Sara AlMosawi avatar
Sara AlMosawi Scrum Master & Agilist,  Emirates NBD
EasyRetro is pretty simple and intuitive to use for your team's retrospective. It helps the facilitator to effectively run engaging and action focused with the team.
Piotr Nadarkiewicz avatar
Piotr Nadarkiewicz Scrum Master,  Iterators
Thank you for creating this application :-) Actually, it happens to be the first digital facilitation software I learned about on my Scrum Master path.
Luis Palomero avatar
Luis Palomero Data scientist,  Declarando
Your software is fantastic to run retrospectives even with no technical groups. Thank you!
Lindsay Giudice avatar
Lindsay Giudice Product Strategy Consultant
I love EasyRetro! Thanks for building such a great product.
James Cheetham avatar
James Cheetham Product Manager
I've used Easy Retro before and love it! 👍🏻💖
Nicola Askham avatar
Nicola Askham Data Governance Coach
I love an EasyRetro board! We’re tackling all sorts of topics and getting right down to the nitty-gritty of our various Data Governance issues!
Andreia Gomes avatar
Andreia Gomes Scrum Master | Agile Coach
Ontem eu e Pedro Ferrari, ministramos a Capacitação Mindset Ágil, que faz parte da Trilha de Conhecimento dos Spokes do Energisa Digital Labs. Foram utilizadas as ferramentas de colaboração EasyRetro, Mentimeter e Kahoot para apoiar na aprendizagem e na troca de ideias.
Reviewer avatar
I love how fast it is to spin up a retro, it takes me no longer than 2 minutes to login and create a board. They've recently added so many great features, I love being able to hide text until ready to reveal and now you can reveal column by column which helps keep people focused. The ability to see the amount of votes completed is also excellent.
Maria avatar
Maria Marketing Success Coach
In every Workshop, I recommend you and use your tool!!! 🤩
Bri Norton avatar
Bri Norton Accessibility Lead,  NSW Department of Customer Service
EasyRetro is pretty intuitive to use!
Jurídico Ágil avatar
Jurídico Ágil Metodologias Ágeis no Direito
Quais são as ferramentas que auxiliam o seu dia a dia? Veja algumas das que utilizamos. EasyRetro: Plataforma que permite que equipes colaborem de forma remota. Esta é uma ferramenta eficaz que tem sido usada por milhares de equipes de diversos países para melhorarem suas retrospectivas de sprint.
Ammar avatar
Started using EasyRetro to host retrospectives for my team and it's super intuitive. Not sponsored to say this, but the merging and voting features are really helpful!
Pudin avatar
My team use EasyRetro
Cintya M. avatar
Cintya M. Photographer
The way it functions is simple yet so intuitive and amazing. I love how straightforward it is and the little knowledge you need to gather if you want to start right on.
Luca Ongaro avatar
Luca Ongaro CTO,  Magaloop GmbH
EasyRetro is simple and great!
Deepti Jain avatar
Deepti Jain Founder and Transformation Strategist,  AgileVirgin
This is one amazing tool. Thanks for creating it!
Dominika Bula avatar
Dominika Bula Agile Practitioner ,  Red Hat
Quickly stopped by virtual Open House facilitated by @agilevirgin at #ScrumMasterSummit21 🛠 @scrumpodcast - an interesting discussion on how to keep folks engaged during the meetings, also cool to see open source started retrospective tool @easyretrohq in use 🙌
Arvin Mohan avatar
Arvin Mohan Scrum Master,  LeanTransparency
I use your platform to run my Retros. My team likes it a lot as it gives them the opportunity to vote and add their thoughts anonymously.
API Ágil avatar
API Ágil Somos a escola de agilidade, liderança, projetos e produtos mais completa do país
Retrospectivas são a base para melhoria contínua seja como pessoa, time ou organização. Por isso listamos algumas referências para você se inspirar para facilitar a sua próxima retrospectiva! EasyRetro, Funretrospectives, Miro e Retroagil.
Swarts avatar
Swarts Software quality, microservice transition, data collection, DevOps and test automation.
We are using EasyRetro and Miro for retrospectives in our clients. EasyRetro is simple and great for retrospectives. Miro is a whiteboard and very smooth working as a team on the same page. Both are very friendly for the remote working!
Barry O'Kane avatar
Barry O'Kane Founder,  HappyPorch
Two simple, fun online retro boards worth checking out: EasyRetro and Retrocat.
Isidora Torres avatar
Isidora Torres Freelance Early Startup Operator,  Operations Lead
One tool I've found surprisingly helpful for retrospectives/group discussions is EasyRetro.
Brian Swanick avatar
Brian Swanick Internal Integrations Engineer,  Avicado
EasyRetro has good ideas. I used to scrum master and we loved Start, Stop, Continue, and Sailboat one. Elements of Scrum has a solid, solid chapter on it. Simple and gives you the framework.
Pieter Humphrey avatar
Pieter Humphrey Developer Product Manager,  DataStax
Just found EasyRetro which is a great free tool for doing retros. Helpful and fun tool!
Heiko Scherrer avatar
Heiko Scherrer Founder,  OpenWMS
Currently doing a retrospective with http://easyretro.io. This is really fun and absolutely valuable
Jon Aizlewood avatar
Jon Aizlewood New business director,  Clearleft
Been really impressed with https://easyretro.io for quick, decentralised retros
WebOverhauls.com avatar
Make your #Agile retrospectives fun with Easy Retro. #pm #tools