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Chriselle avatar
I first used EasyRetro on a previous project and it was the best tool I had come across. It is so easy to use and can be customized to the needs of the team. EasyRetro is the easiest way to run retrospectives with your team!
Sara AlMosawi avatar
Sara AlMosawi Scrum Master & Agilist,  Emirates NBD
EasyRetro is pretty simple and intuitive to use for your team's retrospective. It helps the facilitator to effectively run engaging and action focused with the team.
Mario avatar
Mario Creador de contenido
Easyretro - Herramienta de retrospectiva de sprint gratuita, sencilla e intuitiva.
The Curious One avatar
The Curious One
Have been using EasyRetro. Does the job neatly!
Isshai Kamara avatar
Isshai Kamara Agile Coach,  IT Industry Tools
EasyRetro is my favorite tool and it’s also my student’s favorite as well.
Linum Labs avatar
Linum Labs Software Dev Studio
Our internal Lean Coffee topics for today. Thanks for the awesome platform to make it all happen, EasyRetro. 🔥
Ravi Kumar Sapata avatar
Ravi Kumar Sapata Head of Products,  PriceHubble
Great tool for conducting an effective retro! easyretro.io
Brighttail Digital avatar
Brighttail Digital Helping B2B tech companies ignite their growth.
We love EasyRetro! Keep up the good work! 💪
Shane Williamson avatar
Shane Williamson Agile Coach,  Telstra
Love Easyretro! it's a must-have for agile coaches :-)
Luca Ongaro avatar
Luca Ongaro CTO,  Magaloop GmbH
EasyRetro is simple and great!
Dominika Bula avatar
Dominika Bula Agile Practitioner ,  Red Hat
Quickly stopped by virtual Open House facilitated by @agilevirgin at #ScrumMasterSummit21 🛠 @scrumpodcast - an interesting discussion on how to keep folks engaged during the meetings, also cool to see open source started retrospective tool @easyretrohq in use 🙌
Arvin Mohan avatar
Arvin Mohan Scrum Master,  LeanTransparency
I use your platform to run my Retros. My team likes it a lot as it gives them the opportunity to vote and add their thoughts anonymously.
Belén avatar
Belén UX Researcher,  Nubank
Me encanta usar EasyRetro para organizar retros, pero hoy por azar elegí este template que nos encantó: Elvis style. Escuchamos cada canción de fondo como timer y nos explayamos analizando cómo mejorar nuestro proyecto. Recomendadísima ✨
Chris Caldwell avatar
Chris Caldwell Company Owner,  Caldwell Creative
If you're looking for an easy way to do remote retros, check out EasyRetro.
Brian Swanick avatar
Brian Swanick Internal Integrations Engineer,  Avicado
EasyRetro has good ideas. I used to scrum master and we loved Start, Stop, Continue, and Sailboat one. Elements of Scrum has a solid, solid chapter on it. Simple and gives you the framework.
Pieter Humphrey avatar
Pieter Humphrey Developer Product Manager,  DataStax
Just found EasyRetro which is a great free tool for doing retros. Helpful and fun tool!
Heiko Scherrer avatar
Heiko Scherrer Founder,  OpenWMS
Currently doing a retrospective with http://easyretro.io. This is really fun and absolutely valuable
Jon Aizlewood avatar
Jon Aizlewood New business director,  Clearleft
Been really impressed with https://easyretro.io for quick, decentralised retros
WebOverhauls.com avatar
Make your #Agile retrospectives fun with Easy Retro. #pm #tools
Estefania Barboza avatar
Estefania Barboza IT Manager,  Argenway
Thank you for creating this great tool!
Dani T. avatar
Dani T. Senior Growth Marketing Manager,  Clovers
I love using EasyRetro to allow for anonymity and the ability to 'like' others' comments to help streamline thoughts. The 4Ls are my typical go-to for feedback organization but I like this simple what's working/what's not too!
Luis Palomero avatar
Luis Palomero Data scientist,  Declarando
Your software is fantastic to run retrospectives even with no technical groups. Thank you!
Januka W. avatar
Januka W. Product Owner,  BlackSwan Technologies
EasyRetro is an amazing tool to gather anonymous feedback from your audience/team. You can specify different columns for each feedback type, and allow users to both post feedback and vote for each other's feedback. No signup is required to provide feedback, and of course, it's Free.
Reviewer avatar
I love how fast it is to spin up a retro, it takes me no longer than 2 minutes to login and create a board. They've recently added so many great features, I love being able to hide text until ready to reveal and now you can reveal column by column which helps keep people focused. The ability to see the amount of votes completed is also excellent.
Maria avatar
Maria Marketing Success Coach
In every Workshop, I recommend you and use your tool!!! 🤩
John Hardies avatar
John Hardies Product Manager,  Eden Health
I've used EasyRetro. Easy to customize columns, keeps things anonymous, easy upvoting, can open it early and let people think on their feedback and provide ahead of time.
Vitor Leal avatar
Vitor Leal CTO,  Solfacil
Aqui na Solfacil a gente usa o EasyRetro.
Cintya M. avatar
Cintya M. Photographer
The way it functions is simple yet so intuitive and amazing. I love how straightforward it is and the little knowledge you need to gather if you want to start right on.
Deepti Jain avatar
Deepti Jain Founder and Transformation Strategist,  AgileVirgin
This is one amazing tool. Thanks for creating it!
Yinka avatar
Yinka Agile Coach,  Scrum Mastery Playbook
One of the questions I get a lot from scrum masters is what tool can I use for my retrospective. While there are many tools online, I have curated 3 really easy tools you can start using today to make your retrospective more collaborative. EasyRetro, TeleRetro and Trello.
Elas Projetam avatar
Elas Projetam Women in Project Management
Ferramenta simples e prática para facilitar as retrospectivas ou ser utilizada para coleta de feedbacks ao fim de uma atividade! E garante que todos possam colaborar e se expressar de forma democrática, sem precisar se expor.
Verena Stauber avatar
Verena Stauber Project Coordinator,  International Cooperation Group
The tool #EasyRetro is one of my favorites. It’s easy to use and focuses on what’s important. Recommendable to use in groups where not all participants are very familiar with online tools.
Isidora Torres avatar
Isidora Torres Freelance Early Startup Operator,  Operations Lead
One tool I've found surprisingly helpful for retrospectives/group discussions is EasyRetro.
Daniel Z. avatar
Daniel Z. Software Quality Engineer
I like that it has simple functionality and is easy to use. It's very straight forward with little configuration to get started.
Raphaela Wrede avatar
Raphaela Wrede Engineering Manager,  Contentful
In my current team, we are using EasyRetro for remote retrospectives. It supports all features that I'd define as "must-haves" and it is completely free for up to 3 boards.
Alecia avatar
Alecia Founder,  Women Innovators
If you know what it means to be on a sprint team, you should check out https://easyretro.io It makes retrospectives fun, truly! We used for the first time today and I'm a fan!
Jeffrey Davidson avatar
Jeffrey Davidson Founder,  Leading Great Teams
Online + distributed retrospectives continue to get easier with Easy Retro via @glauberamos https://buff.ly/2pZVWTy | Good stuff, getting better
Thoughtworks Brasil avatar
Thoughtworks Brasil
Recomendamos essa ferramenta para #retrospectivas: easyretro.io Quer saber mais? Acesse também http://funretrospectives.com :)
Isshai K avatar
Isshai K Agile Coach,  IT Industry Tools
EasyRetro has the best retrospective tools on the market! They are fun and easy to use when conducting Sprint Retro!
Piotr Nadarkiewicz avatar
Piotr Nadarkiewicz Scrum Master,  Iterators
Thank you for creating this application :-) Actually, it happens to be the first digital facilitation software I learned about on my Scrum Master path.
Matt Knott avatar
Matt Knott Heal of Digital Applications,  Swansea Bay UHB
EasyRetro - Make sprint retrospectives fun! Or just easier.
Nicola Askham avatar
Nicola Askham Data Governance Coach
I love an EasyRetro board! We’re tackling all sorts of topics and getting right down to the nitty-gritty of our various Data Governance issues!
Noemí Vico avatar
Noemí Vico Agile Coach
I love your platform. It’s easy and useful!
Bri Norton avatar
Bri Norton Accessibility Lead,  NSW Department of Customer Service
EasyRetro is pretty intuitive to use!
Ammar avatar
Started using EasyRetro to host retrospectives for my team and it's super intuitive. Not sponsored to say this, but the merging and voting features are really helpful!
Jayme Camargo avatar
Jayme Camargo Digital Product mgmt,  Rede Lojacorr
Glauber Ramos, a EasyRetro tá cada dia mais linda, sucesso e muito obrigado pela dedicação e produto sensacional!
Mike Broomhead avatar
Mike Broomhead Lead Architect,  NHS England
New tool - EasyRetro is excellent for fast collaboration!
The IAM Hub avatar
The IAM Hub Transformational coaching & training for businesses & entrepreneurs.
It’s a game-changer! Love a bit of EasyRetro.
Layra Gonçalves avatar
Layra Gonçalves Scrum master,  Verum Partners
Quer agregar na Retrospectiva? Então anota essa dica: EasyRetro. Nele é possível criar colunas com informações, como por exemplo os “3 Cs”, criar um link compartilhável para que o squad preencha as colunas, controlar o tempo através do Timer e no final fazer uma votação para entender quais pontos devem ser priorizados para o próximo Sprint! Falei aqui de uma forma bem resumida, mas existem ainda mais funcionalidades: eu confesso que sou viciada!
Nopopon avatar
I was wondering what would happen to retro remotely, but EasyRetro was simple and pretty good. (Translated from Japanese by Google)
Barry O'Kane avatar
Barry O'Kane Founder,  HappyPorch
Two simple, fun online retro boards worth checking out: EasyRetro and Retrocat.
Aziz Khambati avatar
Aziz Khambati Senior Software Engineer,  Bloomberg LP
Funretro is now EasyRetro and it's amazing.
Steven S. avatar
Steven S. Software Engineer
Very simple and intuitive interface. Ideal for running retrospectives with large teams remotely with no previous experience needed to start using immediately.
Chris Ford avatar
Chris Ford Head of Technology,  Thoughtworks
EasyRetro rocks!
Johan Terink avatar
Johan Terink CEO and Agile Coach,  AmbienZ
I use EasyRetro with multiple clients and teams and love the tool. It enables me to work with distributed teams and prepare Retrospectives in an easy and efficient way.
Ewa Bocian avatar
Ewa Bocian Evolutionary Catalyst,  dwarfsandGiants
In case you dont know this tool - really useful and easy to use for running retrospectives (defining area of focus, merge similar points, voting, prioritizing, sorting by no. of votes, etc.)