Online Sticky Notes

Collaborating with your team can be difficult, especially when you're trying to manage the creative process. Sometimes it's hard to stay on task and meet deadlines for projects that need more than one person's input. EasyRetro Online Sticky Notes is a free service that makes collaboration easy by letting you share ideas, brainstorming sessions, create action items and organize your thoughts online.

Screenshot of easyretro online sticky notes board

How to use digital post-it notes to capture your ideas?

  1. Brainstorm with your team members by adding sticky notes to the board.
  2. Write ideas or create action items that will help you meet your deadlines and complete your project.
  3. Collaborate with other team members online using EasyRetro Sticky Notes so you can stay on task and keep all of your team's input in one place!
  4. Merge similar ideas and vote on ideas to understand what is a priority for your team.

What features do we have in our Sticky Notes Board?

  • Image of feature: history
    All your past retros, organized and filtered in an easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Image of feature: templates
    Create private or public boards using more than 100 different pre-defined templates
  • Image of feature: invites
    Invite unlimited amounts of people to join your created teams and collaborate
  • Image of feature: customization
    Fully customizable boards
  • Image of feature: comments on cards
    Add comments to your cards and vote on them.
  • Image of feature: sorting columns
    Sort your cards by dates, votes etc.
  • Image of feature: drag and drop cards
    Simple drag and drop functionality with your cards
  • Image of feature: export boards
    Export your boards in multiple formats

    Enrich your workflow

  • Slack logo on EasyRetro Integrations
    Notify your team about new retrospectives in your Slack channel
  • Confluence logo on EasyRetro Integrations
    Export your retrospective boards to a Confluence page
  • Jira logo on EasyRetro Integrations
    Export your retrospective cards and action items directly as an issue on Jira
  • Trello logo on EasyRetro Integrations
    Export your retrospective cards and action items directly into a Trello board

Why online post-it notes are important for your team?

  1. Build momentum, collaboration, and creativity with your team members to drive results
  2. Collaborate in real-time on one document
  3. Integrate the post-it notes tool seamlessly into your team workflow

How to use online sticky notes for decision making?

  1. Put a post-it note on your computer screen
  2. Write down the idea and move it to the board
  3. Let others read and comment on what you wrote
  4. Vote on the most important ideas
  5. Brainstorm with your team and decide what to work on next

We all know how frustrating it can be when we have an idea but don't know where to put it for safekeeping, or what our next steps should be. In order to stay productive and organized, try using EasyRetro Sticky Notes! This digital version of a post-it board.

Ready to try it yourself?

The best way to learn about sticky notes board is to try it yourself first-hand. And that’s exactly what you can do with EasyRetro.

Get started right now with our easy-to-use board. Once you’re done, you’ll be able to export it as a JPEG, PDF, or a spreadsheet format.

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