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There’s no use in adopting an agile workflow if your software isn’t up to the task. There are plenty of scrum boards online that claim to smoothly integrate into your style of working, but not all are created equal. The reality is, there are plenty of tools that hinder your progress by forcing you to adapt to their way of working. That’s why EasyRetro took a step back and asked our users what they really needed.

Their answer? Flexibility.

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EasyRetro’s free scrum board is advanced enough to adapt to almost any workflow, while staying simple enough to be used by everyone. EasyRetro’s range of Kanban/scrum boards and retrospective templates can supercharge teams, even if they’re already top performers!

To show you out how versatile our tool really is, here’s just a few possible use cases.

Kanban Board

Kanban boards are a great tool for visualizing your work. Using a combination of cards, columns, and work-in-progress limits, they can maximize your team’s efficiency.

The boards are built with cards, either in person with sticky notes or online with one of EasyRetro’s great templates. The team writes their tasks on the cards and adds the cards to the board, showing colleagues and stakeholders exactly what is happening in a clear and concise fashion. The board is organized into columns such as “in progress” or “to do”, to show what stage each task is at.

The work-in-progress limit acts as a warning sign. If too many work items are in the WIP column, the team knows to rally around those tasks to get back on schedule. If work-in-progress limits are often reached, it can be a sign that you need to reassess the project as bottlenecks are forming, or your team is stretched too thin.


No sprint is complete without a proper (and fun!) retrospective, and we know how to get the very best out of them.

The purpose of a sprint retrospective is to look back over the last stretch and ask the important questions:

By asking just these three questions, you and your team can quickly identify issues and figure out how to fix them for the next sprint.

Led by the Scrum Master, retrospectives should be short but informative, and lead to increased productivity by getting the team on the same page. This may sound like a dull affair, but with something like our Lean Coffee board template, you can really bring the team together with a fun, engaging retrospective.


Standups (also referred to as “daily scrum”) are short, focused daily meetings where participants are encouraged to stand. The idea is that standing for long periods can become uncomfortable quickly, so meetings are kept short and focused, allowing the team more time to work on their tasks.

Standup meetings are now an established part of the Agile workflow. Everything discussed in a standup meeting is to be succinct as team members give “elevator pitch” updates on their progress. Incorporating EasyRetro’s online scrum board into the daily standup can help keep things tight by offering visual signals in place of long-winded explanations.

User Story Mapping

A user story map is a great tool for product managers and their teams to understand the customer’s needs and expectations. The team will create a visual representation of the customer journey to help create the best possible experience.

By laying out the user experience on the board, everyone can clearly see the areas that are adding value and which steps could do with improvement.

Visually mapping out the user experience is the perfect way to ensure the right work items are being prioritized. Having the user as the main focus ensures that the end result offers complete customer satisfaction. It also helps to clarify exactly what the user wants from your product, allowing the project manager to identify high-value features and remove any that are unnecessary—saving your team’s time and your money.

Try it for yourself!

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