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The main problem during online meetings

Despite the popularity of online meetings and video conferencing in the era of remote work, there are still many people who don't like them. As an online meeting attendee, you might have experienced your share of awkward silences and disengaged participants.

But don't worry, we will share some ways to help your online meeting participants stay engaged throughout the entire session. You will also understand how our Zoom Background Generator can help you!

Using Zoom Background Generator to engage with attendees

The first thing you should do when you're ready to start your meetings is to welcome everyone. Make sure they know they are free to talk and ask questions. Maybe the occasion can even allow you to invite attendees to turn on their mics and webcams so that everyone feels connected and comfortable to contribute.

The second tip is to define a time-box at the beginning of your meetings for free interactions. These time-boxes may be great for attendees to express their expectations or share their experiences.

Another great way to get conversations started is to use funny or interesting backgrounds. They play a huge role in breaking the ice and can encourage people to ask you about them. As a result, they may be more comfortable to interact during the actual meeting.

EasyRetro's Zoom Background Generator

That's where our Zoom Background Generators come into play. You can use our free tool to generate great backgrounds for your Zoom meetings!

You can upload your own images or easily search and pick images from Unsplash. Once you've chosen your image, you will be able to apply filters like Blur, Brightness, and Hue.

You can also add your brand's logo and color to the image and finally download the result!

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Create a free retrospective for your team

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