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What is an User Story

The story is the basic unit of agile development. The purpose of a user story is to help teams define what needs to be built next, and how to go about doing it. User stories are widely used in Scrum, Lean and Kanban projects.

You are halfway through a sprint and you realize that not all your user stories are as simple and straightforward as they first appeared. Some of them are hard to understand and some of them need clarification. This is often the case, but EasyRetro can help you write your user stories in a way that makes them easier to understand, identify and prioritize.

How to structure your User Story

A user story is a part of a complete Agile process. The user story structure is made up of three parts: the persona, the intent, and the objective or benefit. These three parts work together to form a complete user story.

A user story persona is a fictional representation of your target audience. It should be based on data collected from interviews and surveys, but also factoring in any available information. The purpose of personas is to define the "As a" part of the product definition.

The second part is the intent, that is meant to enable each team member to understand the purpose of the User Story in advance, and to ensure that they understand what is needed in order to fulfill it.

The last part is the objective or benefit for the persona in accomplishing the intent. It is related to the "so that" section of the user story, and should represent the overall value that the persona will perceive.

Now that you've learned about the User Story, use EasyRetro's simple User Story Generator for free to ensure you're writing well-structured stories!

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