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The impact of meeting room names

Meetings are a fundamental process for any organization, and can serve multiple purposes.

Maybe you consider naming meeting rooms an innocuous effort, a waste of your time. It turns out that the simple act of naming meeting rooms can make the process more efficient — and if you know how to name them, it can be worth your while. In this post we'll show you its importance and why you should use our Meeting Room Name Generator.

Main benefits meeting room names

Here are some of the benefits of naming meeting rooms:

  • Boost of creativity
  • Potential Icebreaker
  • Instantaneous mindset change
  • Healthy competition based on names

How to come up with great names

Coming up with a name is hard. It often takes some effort. But we're here to help you with that and make it easier for you.

Usually, the best names will come from brainstorming with the attendees, rather than simply presenting your own choices. Use the meeting context to help you decide which names make sense.

It's a good idea to also use stories from past occasions and old internal jokes. This approach can help everyone to feel connected.

Using EasyRetro's Meeting Room Name Generator

Sometimes the best option is to generate funny names with online tools, especially during online meetings. The act of getting names out of a roulette-like app can be very fun for your attendees and create a light atmosphere for your meeting.

EasyRetro's Meeting Room Name Generator is a free tool that you can use to generate names for your meetings. You can choose one of many categories, like movies, games, and cryptocurrencies, or go for the complete Random option. You can also append adjectives to your name and get an even funnier output!

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