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What is JS and what is it used for?

JavaScript (JS) is one of the favorite programming languages for web development today. Brendan Eich, a Netscape engineer, created the JS language in the year of 1995 for use in web browsers.

In this article, we will see what exactly is JavaScript, or ECMAScript, its importance, and how to use our JS Minifier. You may also want to check out our HTML Minifier and CSS Minifier tools.

JavaScript Scale, Network, and Property problems

JavaScript is the chosen programming language for many of the world's most complex applications. Companies use it for social media, games, server-side development and even for Machine Learning!

Most of its success is due to the large adoption since its early versions and the huge amount of libraries, frameworks, and modules created for it. Those can cover a very wide range of applications, as stated above.

One can, for example:

  • use Express to build a REST API on Node.js
  • build a face-detection app using TensorFlow.js
  • build a fully-featured dashboard using React.js and Chart.js.

Because JavaScript has a highly flexible syntax, and lots of different use-cases, the amount of JS code in your project can grow exponentially due to the dependency tree along with your own files.

Such files with unnecessarily large amounts of code can have a huge - and negative, impact on your users' download experience. That's exactly where code minification comes into play!

Code minification and JS Minifier

JS Minify is a technique used to reduce the size of JavaScript code. It aims to ensure faster page load speeds, especially on mobile devices and slow connections.

The process consists of removing all unnecessary spaces, line breaks, characters, and other elements, and even renaming your variables and functions, in a sub-process called Uglify.

Uglify acts by reducing the number of code characters, using hard-to-read names instead, also making it harder for hackers to search for vulnerabilities throughout your code!

When generating the files for a production deployment, you should apply the Code minification process, reducing the size of your JS files and improving the loading experience for your users. It can be achieved by applying tools like Node Minify or Terser.

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