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What is JS and what is it used for?

JavaScript (JS) is one of the most widely used programming languages today. It was created in the year of 1995 by Brendan Eich, a Netscape engineer, for use in web browsers.

In this article, we will see what exactly is JavaScript, its importance, and how to maintain it by using our JS Beautifier. You may also want to check out our HTML Beautifier and CSS Beautifier tools.

JavaScript has grown far beyond the point of being merely used for simple web dynamics.

JavaScript is the programming language of choice for many of the world's most complex systems. Companies like Facebook and Instagram, Netflix, and games like Angry Birds and Bejeweled all use JavaScript to build their software. It can also be used for server-side development with Node and even for Machine Learning using the TensorFlow.js library!

JavaScript Scale and Maintenance problems

Due to its simple origin, JavaScript wasn't meant to be used for building complex software. Some of its issues are:

  • Confusion with the this reference
  • There wasn't a block-level scope for variables, now we have let and const
  • Circular reference issues
  • Possibility to confuse equality operators
  • Unintuitive boolean standards

But the language has been evolving through the years, and the latest versions like ES6 have improved the language, making it more reliable.

Besides that, because JavaScript has a highly flexible syntax, it can accommodate lots of different coding standards, as well as no standard at all, making it possible to mess up with a huge code base completely. That's exactly where code formatting comes into play!

Code formatting and JS Beautifier

JS Beautify is a technique used to help developers format code in a consistent way. Beautify helps to ensure all their code is up to the latest formatting standards. It also allows them to improve the code quality and prevent bugs.

The process consists of parsing the JS file to add/remove white spaces, indent code blocks, organize logical statements, etc., following some specific standard or custom rules.

Code formatting needs to run alongside a version control system to ensure a maintainable code base. A great tool to integrate into your development environment and achieve this is Prettier.

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