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The role of Icebreaker Questions in your meetings

Have you ever been in a room full of people and realized that everyone is sitting, waiting for someone to say something? It’s an uncomfortable silence. Everyone feels it. Most people don’t know how to break it.

Hosting productive meetings takes work, planning, and solid communication skills. You can’t dive straight into heavy talk and expect everyone else to start firing on all cylinders. Participants may be shy, nervous, or just lack the energy for a dynamic meeting first thing in the morning — especially before coffee.

Instead, it’s best to ease participants into conversations and build momentum — and that’s where icebreaker questions come into play.

EasyRetro's Icebreaker Question Generator

An icebreaker question can help get conversations started and help everyone to feel welcome. If you’re not sure what to ask, we've got you covered! Based on our curated list of Icebreaker Questions, we've built this simple and free-to-use Icebreaker Question Generator. You can click in any of the categories or go for the Random option and get fun and engaging questions!

These 200+ icebreaker questions should give you plenty of conversation starters in almost any situation, from learning about new employees to hosting virtual meetings and helping groups get to know each other.

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