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Burndown Chart

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Track your team velocity with this free Burndown Chart generator

Need an easy-to-understand way to show your team's progress throughout a sprint? Burndown charts get the job done.

If you're looking for a way to track your team's velocity, then use this free online burndown chart generator. The tool is easy to use and generates a template that can be used with your scrum team. It's the perfect way to visualize progress on projects!

What is a Burndown Chart?

Burndown Chart is the mechanism used to track work-in-progress. It is based on the principle that a meaningful project dashboard must contain a status report showing the current status of all active work tasks. It is used in Scrum project management.

An ideal Burndown Chart should provide an accurate and realistic measurement of what remains to be done at a point in time.

In traditional sprints, the burndown chart is an agile project management tool that displays data in a graph showing progress over time using burndown charts. It is traditionally used for two-week "sprints" to show how much work was done during each day of the sprint and how much more work remains until a goal date or completion.

Why is a Burndown Chart important?

The purpose of a burndown chart is to track how much work the team has done in the past and how much they are likely able to do at any given time. As such, it's important for new teams just starting out on a project because that data can be used later when setting release schedules. Burndown Charts allow you to measure progress directly in terms of effort remaining vs total effort needed, so that your speed is constantly visible. Once you have some data points over time in your chart, it will be easier to foresee when to push for more development and when you should start preparing a release based on what has been accomplished so far.

How Burndown Chart works?

The burndown chart is a graphical representation in which the data is plotted on an axis that spans from 0 to 100% denoting the progress on the project. The height of each column represents how much work you have left to do, while its length indicates how long it will take you to accomplish it in the current environment. As time - and work- progresses, shortening columns represent your decreased remaining workloads or increased velocity.

How to use this Burndown Chart?

Use this chart with the Scrum Master or Product Owner to track team velocity and predict if new items are on track during the sprint.

  • 1. Generate your Burndown Chart using the tool above using your sprint dates
  • 2. Print your chart and place it on a location visible to everyone on the team
  • 3. As the sprint happens, update your burndown chart daily with the remaining points for the sprint
  • 4. As the days passes by, you will have a good idea on how the team productivity is going

What's valuable about Burndown Charts?

Being able to visualize progress. Burndown charts clearly show progress over time. They are the best way to see and communicate progress in a team and product management. Burndown charts are part of Scrum for team management and Kanban for product development management.

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