Went well, To Improve, Grievances, and Action Items

This is the same general went well, improve, and action item board with the addition of a place to to let out some of the negatives from the sprint. Sometimes things happen that just aren't great and they don't always have a direct action item or area of improvement, but none the less the feedback needs to be captured to help guide organizational improvement

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Went well, To Improve, Grievances, and Action Items Template

Went well

Things that we liked that happened during the Sprint

General Grivances

A place to provide sentiment and feedback for "icky" things

To Improve

topics of discussion surrounding areas where improvement can be made

Action Items

Actions that can be taken (preferably) by the team to improve

How to conduct this activity

Operate as normal for the retro, but be sure to add some time to facilitate the positive release of some of the negatives during the sprint. The Scrum Masters and Product Owners can use this feedback to help drive change and improvement in the organization out side of the team.

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