ROBIN Retrospective Retrospective

What is this activity?

We developed Robin as an update to the traditional what went well, what should we improve type of questions. We noticed that a retrospective is the moment to address emotions in a safe space. We still have these questions as they are important, but this method has helped our team to give a positive spin on our operations which is helpfull to us as we deal with a lot of bad news from the business side.

Duration: 25 minutes

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ROBIN Retrospective Template

Right actions

What did we do right as a team? What improvements did we make since our last retro?


What obstacles did we face in our operations? Is it within our range to tackle these obstacles


How is everyone doing? Are we still excited about our work? and why? How did your battery change since the last retro

I appreciate

What do you appreciate from your colleagues? This can be both personal and professional!

New ideas

What suggestions do you have to improve our operations?

How to conduct this activity

There are 5 columns. Take 3 minutes for each column and then move on to the next column. After 15 minutes, discuss the tickets of the first two columns. The third column should indicate wether someone is in need of refreshment in their work. Take your time to work this out and make plans for this team member. The fourth column is meant is a hype-up for your team, celebrate each ticket and give praise where praise be. The last column needs be discussed like the first two.

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