Quarantine Retro Retrospective

What is this activity?

To start the retrospective, the facilitator will share the team’s key data points to provide insight on the team's progress throughout the sprint and current PI. The team will then discuss the data points and call out any key accomplishments during the sprint. The facilitator will explain the themed Retro reviewing the categories. The team will be asked to use the virtual board to write post-its for each category applicable to the sprint. (Time boxed to 5 mins.) The team members will then discuss the post-its, grouping them when necessary and voting for agreement. Once all the categorized items have been reviewed, the team will identify action items/goals they would like to commit to moving forward in the next sprint.

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Quarantine Retro Template

Mask: What protected you and helped you & your team be successful?

Toilet Paper: What did you want, but didn’t have?

Media: What was unclear or confusing?


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