Hear the Music Retrospective

What is this activity?

This retrospective template is based on "Working Well", "Needs improvement" and Action Items". Would be good to use for Sprint 33, 45 or 78 as it is based on old school records.

Recommended participants: No limit

Duration: 45 minutes

Template created by: Corinne - Template has been used 89 times

Hear the Music Template

Toe Tapping... Sounds Great!

Great stuff! Let's do more of this!

Record is Scratched! :(

Stuff that's not working or needs attention

Recording a new song!

Action items or new ideas to try

How to conduct this activity

At start of the retrospective, I share the link to the board and explain the columns. The team fills out the board as the timer counts down (time determined by the team but usually 5-10 mins). The team members vote and the top voted items are discussed using the remaining time allocated.

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