Glad / Sad / How Might We / We Will

1) The team lists things that happened during the sprint that made them Glad / Sad (first 2 columns). 2) Come up with challenges to the current operation in the "How might we ... ?"* format (3rd column). 3) Vote and order the HMW's. 4) The team will produce action points for the Top 3 HMW's, in the "We Will ..."* format. (4th column) 5) Vote the top 3 action points. * Stick to the phrasing format "How Might We ... ?" and "We Will ..." to push for actions that the team can perform themselves.

Template created by: Paulo Amaral - Template has been used 104 times

Glad / Sad / How Might We / We Will Template

🤩 Glad

😢 Sad

🤔 How Might We ... ?

💎 Action Points

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