End of the year retro Retrospective

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End of year Team Retro focused with holiday themes

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End of the year retro Template

So, if you could summarise your sprint in a single inspirational quote, what would it be?

What are some cool presents you received during this sprint? 🎁 Things that went well, cool features you’re proud of,

What are some presents that were… unexpected? 😕 Things that were less fun, or took longer that you wanted,

Your great aunt just gave you an envelope full of cash, what are you going to spend this money on during next sprint? 💌 Exciting things that are coming up!

Uh-oh, there’s a cat waiting to jump on your beautiful Xmas lights! 😼 What are some bad things that could happen during next sprint?

Now that you’ve seen what the previous sprint is made of, write a letter to Santa, expressing a wish. Santa can fix any problem, so what do you wish for? The next morning, your wish is granted! How can you tell? What’s different?

Write a Kudo card to someone picked randomly in your team!

New Year’s Resolution After Christmas, New Year’s Eve is the next big thing! Close your retrospective by asking yourselves: think about this year for a bit, and decide 3 personal actions for next year (what should you start doing, continue doing, and stop doing?)

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