Free HTML Symbols and
HTML Entities Reference

HTML Symbols Reference is a free summary of HTML Entities and CSS Entities built by EasyRetro. With alternative Unicode, Hex Code and Decimal Code for a variety of useful symbols, you can search through different symbol styles and find the best fit for your page!

Why are HTML Entities and HTML Symbols useful?

Sometimes, designers, developers, and editors need to use some special characters or symbols on web pages. These can be currency signs, pointers, arrows, or HTML reserved characters like the lesser-than symbol <.

Most of those symbols are rarely featured in standard keyboards, or they cannot be inserted directly into the text. The < symbol mentioned above is a good example. It is used to mark the beginning of an HTML tag, thus it cannot be used directly in your content.

What are HTML Entities and HTML Symbols?

To solve this problem, designers, developers, and editors need to use an HTML entity, a code that represents the symbol they want to insert into the page.

Each of these symbols has a unique Unicode representation, a CSS, a Hex, and a Decimal code. Several will also have an HTML entity, that is a more human-friendly and memorable version of the code.

How to use our Reference

To start using our reference, you just need to choose one of the categories above, then search through the list of symbols in the chosen category.

Once you find a great symbol for your page, you can click on one of the codes to copy it to the clipboard, or follow the link to a dedicated page, where you will be able to see a larger version of the symbol and copy its codes as well.

Thank you for using HTML Symbols Reference

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