Which two SAFe events explicitly implement SAFe's mindset of relentless improvement? (Choose two)

    Choose one or more of the following:

  • Solution Demo
  • Iteration Retrospective
  • Iteration Demo
  • Inspect and Adapt
  • PI Planning

Why this is the correct answer

During the Iteration Retrospective, the team reflects on their previous iteration and identifies areas of improvement. They discuss what went well, what did not go well, and what changes can be made to improve their processes and practices. The team then creates action items to implement those changes in the next iteration.

Inspect and Adapt is a dedicated workshop held at the end of each Program Increment (PI). It provides an opportunity for the teams and stakeholders to reflect on the previous PI and identify areas of improvement for the upcoming PI. The workshop includes a review of the program's accomplishments, challenges, and the results of the previous PI's Inspect and Adapt. The team then identifies the most critical improvement opportunities and creates action items to address them.

Both of these events provide a structured forum for teams to reflect on their processes and practices, identify areas of improvement, and take action to address them. They are key components of SAFe's relentless improvement mindset, which emphasizes the importance of continuously seeking ways to improve the organization's processes, practices, and outcomes.

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